Battle for the Arab World

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  • An intensely personal drama, Battle for the Arab World tells the story of T. E. Lawrence beginning with his 19th-century childhood. Born to unmarried parents and branded with the stigma of illegitimacy, he spent most of his childhood alone, striving for physical and academic achievement. While attending Oxford, his passion for medieval history led to an expedition to the great crusader castles of Syria and to his invaluable knowledge of the Arabs. Drawing upon eyewitness accounts, the film journeys from his days as an archaeologist to World War I, where Lawrence became an intelligence officer in the British Army and played a large role in the unifying the Arab tribes. Against all odds, he eventually led a daring attack on the Turkish port of Aqaba - a victory that became a turning point for Lawrence, the Arabs, and the British.


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  • Introduction (2:20) -- Post-War Popularity (1:53) -- Lawrence's Illegitimacy (2:16) -- Lawrence's Exotic Travels (2:04) -- Lawrence Nearly Killed (1:04) -- Archaeology (1:57) -- Dehoum (1:50) -- Arabs, Ottomans and Europe (1:34) -- Spying for Britain (2:25) -- World War I Begins (0:55) -- Arab Political Hopes (1:26) -- Arab Discontent (1:35) -- Lawrence's Role (2:42) -- Turkish Threat (1:42) -- Hussein Demands British Guarantee (2:32) -- Arab Victories and Turkish Response (2:37) -- Lawrence's Mission (2:20) -- Lawrence as Ally (1:50) -- British Provide Supplies (2:16) -- France and Britain Partition Arabia (1:50) -- Dressing as Arab (1:28) -- Lawrence and Military Tactics (1:39) -- Lawrence's Betrayal (2:15) -- Damascus, the Prize (1:53) -- Lawrence the Peacemaker (2:02) -- Auda ibu Tayi (2:16) -- Plan of Attack (1:39) -- Taking Aqaba (3:01) -- Hope for Arabs, Victory for England (1:38)
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