The Executive branch

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  • Many equate it with the Presidency, but the Executive branch of our government is far more complex than that. Containing departments and agencies that directly affect the health, safety, security, and prosperity of the American public, the Executive branch is an administrative mountain with the White House at its peak. This program expands on that description, familiarizing students with the most visible arm of U.S. leadership and its evolution through the years. Topics include the President's roles as head of state, head of government, chief executive, and commander-in-chief; his or her responsibility to fill federal positions; relationships between the Executive branch and the other two branches, including the appointment of judges and the power to veto legislation; and more. Selected presidents, from Washington to Lincoln to Obama, are concisely profiled.


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  • The Origins of the Executive Branch (1:26) -- The Responsibilities of the President (2:30) -- The White House (1:40) -- The Presidency (2:11) -- Oath of Office (3:10) -- The Presidential Term (1:41) -- The Cabinet (2:01) -- Homeland Security (1:35) -- Presidential Line of Succession (2:13) -- Representing the United States to the World (2:45)
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