Fixing my brain neuroplasticity and the arrowsmith program

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  • In her youth, Barbara Arrowsmith struggled with a severe learning dysfunction-until she designed a self-improvement regimen aimed at strengthening areas of her brain. This film profiles Arrowsmith, takes viewers inside the school she founded, and follows the progress of four cognitively challenged students enrolled there. Psychology and special education experts articulate diverging opinions of Arrowsmith's methods-including enthusiasm from Dr. Norman Doidge of Columbia University and skepticism from Dr. Linda Siegel of the University of British Columbia. Displaying a wide range of attitudes among students and parents, the film culminates in a graduation ceremony-and measurable cognitive improvements.


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  • Characteristics of Learning Disabilities (4:50) -- Learning Disabilities (3:06) -- Method of Hope for Learning Disabled (3:22) -- Costs of Arrowsmith Program (4:13) -- Founder of Arrowsmith Program (3:38) -- Neuroplasticity of the Brain (4:21) -- Learning Success Story (3:30) -- Learning Programs (4:08) -- Learning: Challenges for Parents and Children (4:14) -- Learning Program Critics (3:11) -- Cognitive Programs for Seniors (2:13) -- Effects of Arrowsmith Program (3:59) -- Neuroscience and Education (4:34)
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