Power struggles parents vs. children

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  • Is it healthy for parents to exercise complete control? Are rebellious children better equipped for the future? What measures should be taken to reign in unruly kids? This program looks at childhood battles for independence and the reasons why such struggles are psychologically necessary for children to undergo. Observing a group of 25 toddlers who have become self-aware and generally want their own way, the film examines the tests of will that arise during this crucial time. Triplets Alice, Mabel, and Phoebe compete for attention. Twins Ivo and Alexander have perfected the art of the temper tantrum. And how will disabled mom Alison discipline her rambunctious son?


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  • Human Nature to Fight (7:12) -- Mirror Test: Self Awareness (2:16) -- Impact of Self Awareness on Behavior (2:20) -- Impact of Adult Depression on Young Children (5:01) -- Bedtime Battles (3:25) -- Night Owls and Early Birds (1:56) -- Developing Sensitivity to Needs of Others (4:00) -- Empathy Test (4:24) -- A Child With Too Much Power (4:23) -- Discipline Techniques: Similarities Between Training Dogs and Children (5:39) -- A Set of Triplets Show Difficulty Learning Self-Control (5:28) -- A Child Shows Lack of Independence (2:28) -- Developing Empathy and Control (2:29) -- Eating Behavior Modification (2:18) -- Progression Through the Terrible Two's (1:45) -- Transfer of Power From Parent to Child (2:04)
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