Corazon Aquino : restoring democracy in the Philippines

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  • The assassination of Ninoy Aquino marked the beginning of the end for Ferdinand Marcos. In this program, Corazon Aquino explains how she entered into politics to continue the fight that her slain husband had begun-and in the process toppled a dictator and restored democracy in the Philippines. Discussion of key moments in her odyssey vividly evoke the time when a housewife with no political aspirations emerged as Asia's first female democratically elected president. Aquino, an exemplar of humility and faith in action, risked everything to carry out her heartfelt resolve to return power to the people.


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  • Prelude: Event's Leading to Corazon's Presidency (5:20) -- Determination and Strength of Corazon Aquino (3:31) -- Marcos and Ninoy Aquino (5:53) -- Aquino's Assassination and Funeral (4:38) -- Aquino vs. Marcos (3:41) -- Election: President vs. Housewife (1:59) -- Aquino: Symbol of Triumph of Good Over Evil (3:08) -- Aquino's Presidential Challenges (4:07) -- Corazon Aquino's Successful Presidency (6:13)
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