Hugo Chavez

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  • Ascending to the Venezuelan presidency on a wave of anti-corruption, anti-poverty, and anti-American sentiment, Hugo Chavez has become one of the most charismatic and controversial leaders on the world stage. This program details the rise of the Chavez government and the challenges it has faced in reforming the South American nation's economy and political culture. Incorporating incisive commentary from Venezuelan journalists, academics, and opposition leaders-as well as in-depth interviews with Chavez himself-this case study in developing-world politics provides a penetrating look at a confrontational and transformative head of state.


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  • Hugo Chavez: Early Years (3:04) -- Bolivar's Historic Significance to Venezuela (3:31) -- Turmoil and Corruption in Venezuela's Early Democracy (3:37) -- Attempted Military Coup of 1992 (3:02) -- Political Change: The Revolutionary Bolivarian Movement (3:59) -- Hugo Chavez Elected President (4:43) -- Plan Bolivar 2000: Social Reforms (3:54) -- Land Reform Controversy (4:30) -- Disorganization of Oppositional Parties (4:31) -- Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (3:38) -- Alo Presidente: Chavez and the Media (7:01) -- Chavismo: A Sentiment With Deep Roots in the People (5:18)
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