Vietnam archives television newsfilm, 1965-1972

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  • Live news footage excerpted from the film files of Madison, Wisconsin, television stations WISC, WKOW, and WMTV and from other sources by Glenn Silber and Barry Brown, producers of the Vietnam War protest documentary, The War at Home (Catalyst Films, 1979). The footage focuses on events in the Madison community and on the University of Wisconsin campus where opposition to the war is documented by film of public hearings, interviews, demonstrations, sit-ins, violence known as the "Dow Chemical riot," and the aftermath of the bombing of the Army Mathematics Research Center.
  • Included is earlier footage on Freedom Rides and local civil rights activities and the 1960 Presidential election campaign, and more extensive information on a Black student strike, draft protests, a journey to North Vietnam by Quaker Betty Boardman, violence at the Mifflin Street Block Party, welfare rights demonstrations, and appearances by Dick Gregory, Hubert Humphrey, General Chappie James, Luci Baines Johnson, Ted Kennedy, William Kunstler, Melvin Laird, Eugene McCarthy, George McGovern, Carl McIntire, Charlene Mitchell, Wayne Morse, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, Benjamin Spock, and many other national figures.
  • The film consists of rolls of varying footage, each containing numerous segments of newsfilm shot at varying times and concerning various topics. The collection is a mixture of sound and silent, black and white and color, and positive and negative film.


  • A few films from this collection also have been cataloged separately.
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