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090    $bWis Mss DJ
100 1_ $aTanner, Herbert Battles,$d1859-1933.
245 10 $aPapers,$f1739-1865, 1878-1933.
300    $a6.0$fc.f. (27 archives boxes); plus
300    $3additions of$a379$fphotographs
336    $aunspecified$bzzz$2rdacontent
337    $aunspecified$bz$2rdamedia
338    $aunspecified$bzu$2rdacarrier
520    $aPapers of Dr. Herbert Battles Tanner of Kaukauna, Wis., consisting of local history materials, records of business affairs in Wisconsin and Mexico, correspondence while state supervisor of illuminating oils, 1894-1900, and monthly reports of subordinate district oil inspectors, 1895-1897.$bThe latter correspondence concerns appointments of these inspectors, and the gubernatorial campaigns of 1894 through 1900, and throws light on the relations between Tanner's office and the Standard Oil Company.
520 8_ $bThere is correspondence and printed material, 1901-1908, concerning the management of the Rio Tamasopo Sugar Company in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, a company in which Tanner and a brother were financially interested, and correspondence, bills, and receipts, 1899-1903, connected with Tanner's operation of a Kaukauna drug store. Correspondence and miscellaneous material tell of Tanner's activities as Kaukauna's first health officer; as secretary of the Fox River Valley Medical Association; as a physician, with emphasis on his services as local representative of the Chicago and Northwestern Railroad and other corporations; as mayor of Kaukauna, 1888-1896; as an investor in the Kaukauna Electric Light Company; as an active member of the South Kaukauna Congregational Church; of his candidacy for Congress in 1900; and of his work on local history, particularly the career of Captain Hendrick Aupaumut, his own genealogy, and the Stockbridge and Menominee Indians.
520 8_ $bFiled with the papers is a box containing documents from the office of a notary public near Mexico City dealing with lawsuits, 1739-1865; registers of electors in Kaukauna in 1896; and a ledger, 1894-1897, of a firm of Kaukauna druggists.
520 8_ $bThe processed portion of this collection is summarized above with further details in the register; there are additional accessions which are described below.
555 0_ $aRegister to the processed portion.
541    $*Y$enone$3Photographs of the Agua Buena ranch and sugar mill and related operations of the Rio Tamasopo Sugar Company in Mexico, ca. 1900-1908. This has been assigned call number PH 263. Qty: 379 photographs
600 10 $aAupaumat, Hendrick,$d1757?-1830.
600 30 $aTanner family.
610 20 $aFox River Valley Medical Association (Wis.)
610 20 $aRio Tamasopo Sugar Company.
610 20 $aStandard Oil Company.
650 _0 $aDrugstores$zWisconsin$zKaukauna.
650 _0 $aMenominee Indians.
650 _0 $aOil inspection$zWisconsin.
650 _0 $aPhysicians$zWisconsin$zKaukauna.
650 _0 $aStockbridge Indians.
651 _0 $aKaukauna (Wis.)
651 _0 $aKaukauna (Wis.)$xPolitics and government.
651 _0 $aMexico.
651 _0 $aSan Luis Potosí (Mexico)
655 _7 $aBusiness records.$2aat
655 _7 $aGenealogies.$2aat
655 _7 $aManuscript collection.$2local
655 _7 $aPhotographs.$2aat
856 42 $u$zFinding aid available online.
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