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MARC Bibliographic Record

LEADER02674cpc a2200373ua 4500
001 9969443402122
005 20180321105422.0
007 ku |||
008 890214i18861965wiu ? eng d
035    $9WIHV89-A119
035    $a(Whi)6944-arcatdb
035    $a(EXLNZ-01UWI_NETWORK)9911125060202121
040    $aWHi$beng$eappm$cWHi
052    $a3800
072 _7 $aPA$2NHPRC
100 1_ $aJohnson, Albert,$d1910-1967,$ecollector.
245 10 $aTheatrical history collection,$fca. 1886-1965.
300    $a17.5$fc.f
336    $aunspecified$bzzz$2rdacontent
337    $aunspecified$bz$2rdamedia
338    $aunspecified$bzu$2rdacarrier
520    $aMiscellaneous materials pertaining to theatrical history and to other areas of the performing arts, collected by Broadway set designer Albert Johnson.
500    $aThis collection is unprocessed.
541    $eM89-030$3Scrapbook containing clippings of reviews of performances and acts, playbills, advertising cards, and photographs and drawings of performers, mainly for theaters in Syracuse, N.Y., 1886-1895; photographs of 19th century stage stars; lithographs of American and European theaters; theatrical and literary magazines; stereopticon cards; illustrated books about American cities; a box of circus heralds; and other miscellaneous material. Qty: 13.0 c.f. (5 record center cartons, 9 flat boxes, 1 index card box, 3 archives boxes, and a small stack of oversize printed material)$aConstantinides, Mrs.$bNew York, NY
583    $aAccessioned-new$c01/31/1989$n0.4$oc.f.
583    $aAccessioned-addition$c10/29/1992$n12.6$oc.f.
541    $eM93-220$3Additions, ca. 1925-1965, including Johnson's sketches, studies, technical drawings, site plans, and photographs for a variety of projects, such as the American Flotilla project, Night Life, Band Wagon, Huckleberry Finn, The Wild Harps Playing, The Magnificent Cuckhold, and the Gay Felons. Also included are other miscellaneous sketches, 18 photographs of Johnson (1929-1954), two child's theater toys, and Argus negatives from Ft. Worth (1936 and 1937), for Between the Devil (1937), and for the Ringling Bros. Circus in New York City, 1938. See box list with accession form. Qty: 4.5 c.f. (6 flat boxes and 1 card file box)
583    $aAccessioned-addition$c10/07/1993$lThis material all came in with the rest of the collection, but had been separated and "lost." It was rediscovered in Icon and reaccessioned as an addition.$n4.5$oc.f.
650 _0 $aPerforming arts.
650 _0 $aTheater$zNew York (State)$zSyracuse.
655 _7 $aManuscript collection.$2local
655 _7 $aPhotographs.$2aat
655 _7 $aScrapbooks.$2aat
690 _0 $aWCFTR-owned.$9LOCAL
997    $aMARCIVE


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