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LEADER02700cpda 2200397 a 4500
001 9963953402122
005 20201229101303.0
007 hd afb---buua
008 880301i19191951wiu a eng d
019    $a145779322
035    $9WIHV88-A133
035    $a(OCoLC)122439106
035    $a(Whi)6395-arcatdb
035    $a(OCoLC)122439106$z(OCoLC)145779322
035    $a(OCoLC)ocn122439106
035    $a(EXLNZ-01UWI_NETWORK)9911124836802121
043    $an-us---
049    $aWHSA
099    $aMicro 448$9local
099    $aU.S. Mss 99AN 1A$9local
110 2_ $aUnited Artists Corporation.
245 10 $aUnited Artists Corporation minutes :$bUnited Artists Corporation records, Series 1A,$f1919-1951.
300    $a1$freel of microfilm (35 mm)
520    $aMinutes, incorporation documents, stock certificates, and miscellany of the United Artists Corporation. The materials consist of minutes of regular, special, adjourned, and annual meetings of stockholders, board of directors, and executive committee between April 24, 1919 and January 4, 1951. They include notices of meetings, waivers of notice, proxies, lists of stockholders, elections of officers and intermittent contractual and employment agreements, financial reports, management reports, samples of stock certificates, correspondence pertinent to meetings, and copies of the Certificate of Incorporation, by-laws, and amendments.
530    $aMicrofilm$3reel in archival custody is a positive microfilm. The original negative's location is unknown. The positive has been treated as a master copy and the user copy struck from this master has the appearance of a negative (i.e. white writing on black paper).
500    $aSeveral parts of the United Artists collection are cataloged under Micro 448 ; the minutes are on Reel 19 of the master copy of this microfilm.
500    $aForms part of the United Artists Corporation collection.
555 0_ $aFinding aid.
580    $aIn WIHVU100-A, the United Artists Corporation Records' description, may be found the bibliographic record for the collection of which this series is a part.
533    $3The film was produced by the$aUnited Artists Corporation,$d1968.
650 _0 $aMotion picture industry.
650 _0 $aMotion picture industry$zUnited States.
650 _0 $aMotion picture studios$zUnited States.
650 _7 $aMotion picture industry.$2fast$0(OCoLC)fst01027150
650 _7 $aMotion picture studios.$2fast$0(OCoLC)fst01027256
651 _7 $aUnited States.$2fast$0(OCoLC)fst01204155
655 _7 $aManuscript collection.$2local
655 _7 $amicroforms.$2aat$0(CStmoGRI)aatgf300028589
690 _4 $aWCFTR-owned.$9local
773 0_ $w(OCoLC)173692838$tUnited Artists Corporation records
856 42 $u$zFinding aid available online.
997    $aMARCIVE


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