• The state government reorganization act, Chapter 75, Laws of 1967, created the Department of Industry, Labor, and Human Relations as the successor to the Industrial Commission (see WIHV85-A2180). 1995 Wisconsin Act 27 replaced the department with the Department of Workforce Development (WIHV96-A859). The Division of Safety and Buildings as well as the function of providing relocation assistance under eminent domain law was transferred to the Dept. of Commerce (WIHV97-A159).
  • The Department was responsible for carrying out Wisconsin's laws relating to employment standards, employment security, and manpower development and opportunity. The agency administered programs to provide employees and their dependents with benefits for work-connected injuries, diseases, or deaths; attempted to eliminate discriminatory barriers to employment, housing, and public accommodations; promoted the development of skilled manpower for industry through apprenticeship and training programs; assured that employees and the public are protected from faulty construction, improper maintenance, or lack of proper safeguards which could cause injuries or accidents; administered unemployment compensation; operated community employment service centers; regulated migratory labor camps; and compiled and evaluated statistics concerning work accidents and injuries, and employment conditions and trends.
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