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MARC Bibliographic Record

LEADER05602cpc a2200865 a 4500
001 998533402122
005 20180314144305.0
007 hd|bfb---baaa
007 su |||||||||||
007 vu ||||||
008 850528i19351990wiu eng d
035    $a853
035    $9WIHVN1000-A
035    $a(Whi)853-arcatdb
035    $a(EXLNZ-01UWI_NETWORK)9911124429402121
040    $aWHi$beng$eappm$cWHi
072 _7 $aPA-Broadcasting Collections$2NHPRC
090    $bU.S. Mss 80AN
099    $aAudio 450A
099    $aMicro 1025
100 1_ $aNeuman, E. Jack.
245 10 $aPapers,$f1935-1990.
300    $a38.8$fc.f. (97 archives boxes)
300    $a23$ftape recordings, and
300    $a1$freel of microfilm (35mm); plus
300    $3additions of$a5.0$fc.f. and
300    $ftape recordings, videocassettes, and artwork
336    $aunspecified$bzzz$2rdacontent
337    $amicroform$bh$2rdamedia
338    $amicrofilm reel$bhd$2rdacarrier
520    $aPapers of a television and motion picture writer-producer, primarily comprised of files on motion pictures, television series, and made-for-TV movies which Neuman wrote and/or produced.$bMade up of scripts and drafts, correspondence, production reports, and schedules, the collection demonstrates well the background research and social content for which Neuman is known. This is particularly true of files on his television adaptation of Albert Speer's memoirs, "Inside the Third Reich," and of the files on "Mr. Novak" (NBC) and "Sam Benedict" (NBC), both of which are also useful for studying network censorship, program concept development and sales, and ratings.
520 8_ $bThe collection also includes extensive files on made-for-TV movies -- a genre for which Neuman is partially responsible. Present are files on "The Blue Knight" (NBC), "Kate McShane" (CBS), "Night Games" (NBC), and "Police Story" (NBC), all of which eventually became series. Files on the latter three series are included in the collection. Of Neuman's other television work, the collection contains files on "Dr. Kildare" (NBC), "Philip Marlowe" (ABC), "Petrocelli" (NBC), "The Richard Boone Show" (NBC), "The Twilight Zone" (CBS), and "The Untouchables" (ABC). Production files and scripts relate to seven produced and eight unproduced motion pictures. There are also three boxes of general correspondence, appointment books, schedules, financial records, and miscellany.
520 8_ $bThe processed portion of this collection is summarized above, dates 1935-1982, and is described in the register. Additional accessions date to 1990 and are described below.
530    $3The scrapbooks in this collection are$aavailable only on microfilm.
500    $aThe videorecordings in this collection also are being cataloged individually.
541    $3Collection$aNeuman, E. Jack$cOn deposit.
541    $eMCHC67-064
541    $eMCHC72-014$3Remaining unprocessed from this accession is one 30-minute tape recording of San Francisco Police Dept. dispatches used for "Cable Car Murders." Qty: 1 tape recording
541    $eMCHC72-045
541    $eMCHC77-017
541    $eMCHC82-036$3Audio cassettes and stills, 6 videocassettes, artwork re "Inside the Third Reich." The videorecordings have been assigned call number VBA 243-248. Qty: unknown$aNeuman, E. Jack
541    $eM87-137$3Additions, 1984-1985, including scripts, script notes, and a "Notice of defamation by libel and slander..." relating to Neuman's "A Death in California." Qty: 1.0 c.f. (1 record center carton)$aNeuman, E. Jack
541    $eM90-148$3Additions, 1987-1990, of revised scripts, production material, and videotapes for "When Rabbit Howls," and revised final script and videotapes for "Voices Within," both written by Neuman, and videotapes for "Voices Within: The Lives of Truddi Chase." See box listing with accession form. Qty: 4.0 c.f. (4 record center cartons)$aNeuman, E. Jack$bLos Angeles, CA 90025
541    $3Action notes
555 0_ $aRegister to the processed portion.
561    $aPortions presented by E. Jack Neuman, Universal City, California, 1967, and portions placed on deposit by Neuman, 1972-1982.
600 10 $aSpeer, Albert,$d1905-1981.
630 44 $aThe blue knight (Television program).
630 04 $aDr. Kildare (Television program).
630 04 $aInside the Third Reich (Television program).
630 04 $aKate McShane (Television program).
630 04 $aMr. Novak (Television program).
630 04 $aNight games (Television program).
630 04 $aPetrocelli (Television program).
630 04 $aPhilip Marlowe (Television program).
630 04 $aPolice story (Television program).
630 44 $aThe Richard Boone show (Television program).
630 04 $aSam Benedict (Television program).
630 44 $aThe twilight zone (Television program).
630 44 $aThe untouchables (Television program).
650 _0 $aMotion pictures$xProduction and direction.
650 _0 $aMotion pictures and television.
650 _0 $aTelevision$xCensorship.
650 _0 $aTelevision$xProduction and direction.
650 _0 $aTelevision programs$xRating.
650 _0 $aTelevision writers.
655 _7 $aTelevision plays.$2lcgft
655 _7 $aFinancial records.$2aat
655 _7 $aScripts.$2aat
655 _7 $aPhotographs.$2aat
655 _7 $aSound recordings.$2aat
655 _7 $aMicroforms.$2aat
655 _7 $aVideo recordings.$2aat
655 _7 $aManuscript collection.$2local
690 _4 $aWCFTR-owned.$9LOCAL
856 42 $u$zFinding aid available online.
997    $aMARCIVE


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