East side history project, Madison, Wisconsin, interviews, 1979, 1981


  • Restricted: Two interviews have restrictions on citing, publishing, or broadcasting certain names mentioned in the interviews.


  • Interviews with 21 long-time residents of Madison, Wisconsin's east side, tape recorded as part of an oral history project sponsored by the Atwood Community Center. The interviews concern family life, community services, churches, work, education, social activities, the Depression, and many other topics. Most are accompanied by brief abstracts. Interviewees are F. R. Badeau, Helen Binger, Vera C. Browne, Andrew Dyer, Arnold F. Foss, Hazel A. Hanson, Merrilyn L. Hartridge, Cora L. Hicks, Elsie S. Huegel, Robert and Jan Huegel, John J. Looze, Lena Pauli, Bill Rathburn, Tom Rogers, George Sachs, Amanda Schmelzer, Katherine Spanum, Patricia Swearingen, and Adolph and Janet Weinshel.


  • Presented by the Atwood Community Center, Madison, Wisconsin, 1981 and 1983.
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