Guide to the English school in international studies

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  • Bringing together the latest scholarship from a global group of expert contributors, this guide offers a comprehensive examination of the English School approach to the study of international relations. Explains the major ideas of the British Committee on International Relations, including the idea of and institutions connected to an international society, the emerging notion of world society, and order within international relationsDescribes the English School's methods of analyzing themes, trends, and dilemmasFocuses on the historical and geographical expansi


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  • Includes bibliographical references at the end of each chapters and index.
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  • Guide to the English School in International Studies; Copyright; Contents; About the Contributors; Introduction to the English School in International Studies; References; 1 The Historical Development of the English School; Introduction; Literature on the History of the English School; The Emergence of the Idea of "the English School"; The Development of English School Works; Normative Orientation; Historical Orientation; Acknowledgments; References; 2 The British Committee on the Theory of International Politics and Its Central Figures; Introduction; Some Prehistory; A Congenial Group
  • The AgendaThe Christian Orientation; Expansion and Last Things; References; 3 The British Committee and International Society: History And Theory; Introduction; Embarkation 1961-62; Bull; Wight; Butterfield; Watson; History and Theory; Toward Comparative History?; "Categories" and Research "Hypotheses"; What Kind of History?; International Society as Experience; A Certain Kind of History?; The British Committee and the English School; Abbreviations; References; 4 The Historical Expansion of International Society; Introduction; The Classical "Expansion" Story in the English School Literature
  • Pessimists and PluralistsCritiques, Extensions, and Solidarism; Where to from Here?; 5 The English School and Institutions: British Institutionalists?; Introduction; Institutions versus Organizations and Regimes; The Primary Institutions of International Society; How to Study Primary Institutions; Conclusion; Notes; References; 6 The International System - International Society Distinction; Introduction1; The System-Society Boundary in Question; Hedley Bull's Formulation; Critics of the Distinction; Rereading the Expansion of International Society 11; System and Society in the Expansion Story
  • System as a Security CalculationNotes; References; 7 The Regional Dimension of International Society; Introduction; Uniting Historical Regional International Societies: The Expansion of Europe; The European International Society Becomes Universal; From Destruction to Division: International Society 1914-90; Contemporary International Society: A Global Society with Regional Components; The English School and the Study of Subglobal International Societies; The English School and the Study of the Expansion of Regional International Societies
  • European Regional International Society ( ERIS) and Its "Others"Conclusion; References; 8 The International Society - World Society Distinction; Introduction; International Society and World Society: Consensus; International Society and World Society: Disagreement; International Society and World Society under Conditions of Globalization; Conclusion; References; 9 Order and Justice; Introduction; The Priority of Order over Justice; Order and Justice in Pluralist English School Writing; The Expansion of Justice in International Society: Justice Above Order?; Order and Justice Today; References
  • 10 The Pluralist-Solidarist Debate in the English School
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