Technologies for Interactive Digital Storytelling and Entertainment Third International Conference, TIDSE 2006, Darmstadt, Germany, December 4-6, 2006, Proceedings

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TIDSE 2006
TIDSE 2006 (2006 : Darmstadt, Germany)
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This textbook contains the proceedings from the 3rd International Conference on Technologies for Interactive Digital Storytelling and Entertainment (TIDSE 2006). The contributions are grouped into ...

This textbook contains the proceedings from the 3rd International Conference on Technologies for Interactive Digital Storytelling and Entertainment (TIDSE 2006). The contributions are grouped into six sections, which include subjects like virtual characters, story authoring, narrative systems, and examples of their application. During recent years, Interactive Digital Storytelling has evolved as a prospering - search topic, banding together formerly disjoined disciplines stemming from the arts and humanities as well as computer science. The subject of this book is of course strongly related to the notion of ‘storytelling’, which has been used as an effective means for the communication of knowledge and social values, ever since the early history of humankind. It also tries to build a bridge between current academic trends, for example, by investigating and formalizing narrative aspects of computer games, and by its developments for the experience-based design of human–media interaction in general. Starting with a scientific workshop at national level in 2000, the Digital Sto- telling group at ZGDV Darmstadt originated TIDSE, the International Conference for Technologies in Interactive Digital Storytelling and Entertainment. TIDSE 2003, TIDSE 2004, and TIDSE 2006 continued this series, and provided the latest research outcomes and indications for its usage within entertainment applications.

edited by Stefan Göbel, Rainer Malkewitz, Ido Iurgel
  • 1st ed. 2006
  • Berlin, Heidelberg : Springer Berlin Heidelberg : Imprint: Springer, 2006
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  • Interactive Narrative Systems -- Believable Agents and Intelligent Story Adaptation for Interactive Storytelling -- An Event-Driven, Stochastic, Undirected Narrative (EDSUN) Framework for Interactive Contents -- A Simple Story: Using an Agents’ Based Context-Aware Architecture for Storytelling -- Hypervideo vs. Storytelling Integrating Narrative Intelligence into Hypervideo -- A Fabula Model for Emergent Narrative -- Telling Stories Through Space: The Mindstage Project -- Theory -- Narratology for Interactive Storytelling: A Critical Introduction -- Insights into the Design of Computer Entertainment from Schemas in Film -- Minstrel Reloaded: From the Magic of Lisp to the Formal Semantics of OWL -- Structuring Hypermedia Novels -- The Hacker: New Mythical Content of Narrative Games -- The Interactive Artwork as the Aesthetic Object: Aesthetic Technology Converging Technological Applications and Aesthetic Discourses -- SRST: A Storytelling Model Using Rhetorical Relations -- Story Authoring -- Scribe: A Tool for Authoring Event Driven Interactive Drama -- Integrating VR-Authoring and Context Sensing: Towards the Creation of Context-Aware Stories -- U-Create: Creative Authoring Tools for Edutainment Applications -- Towards Accessible Authoring Tools for Interactive Storytelling -- Mixed Reality Based Interactive 3D Story Composition Tool -- Sharing Knowledge in Virtual Environments -- Pre-conference Demo Workshop “Little Red Cap”: The Authoring Process in Interactive Storytelling -- Virtual Characters -- Failing Believably: Toward Drama Management with Autonomous Actors in Interactive Narratives -- Personality Templates and Social Hierarchies Using Stereotypes -- INSCAPE: Emotion Expression and Experience in an Authoring Environment -- Augmenting Virtual Characters for More Natural Interaction -- Automatic Customization of Non-Player Characters Using Players Temperament -- Storytelling and Games -- Personalizing the Player Experience in MMORPGs -- Plot Clusters – Intertwined and Re-playable Storyline Components in a Multiplayer RPG -- Communication in Multi-player Role Playing Games – The Effect of Medium -- Experiencing Narrative Elements Through Social Communication in Computer Based Role-Playing Game – CASE: Castle of Oulu 1651 -- Ghost Worlds – Time and Consequence in MMORPGs -- Applications -- Mixed Reality Installation ‘Gulliver’s World’: Interactive Content Creation in Nonlinear Exhibition Design -- Navigating by Following Stories -- A System for Event-Based Film Browsing -- Future Garden -- ARC – Towards Alternate Reality Cinema -- Interactive Audiobooks: Combining Narratives with Game Elements -- CitizenTalk: Application of Chatbot Infotainment to E-Democracy
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