Planning for sustainable cold regions

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  • ""Cover""; ""Table of Contents""; ""Cold Regions Construction""; ""Bridge Erection off the Ice""; ""Campbell Lake Winter Construction Projects""; ""Evaluating a New Snow Miller/Paver for Snow Roads""; ""Logistics: Critical for Remote Projects""; ""The Adfreeze Strength Characteristics of Vibratory Driven Piles""; ""The Construction of Halley VI Station in Antarctica""; ""Education and Socio-Cultural Considerations""; ""Integration, Synthesis, and Assessment of Climate Change Health Impacts for Alaskan Native Communities""; ""Systematic Doctoral Education in Finland Since 1995""
  • ""Environmental Contaminants""""Electrodialytic Extraction of Heavy Metals from Greenlandic MSWI Fly Ash As a Function of Remediation Time and L/S Ratio""; ""First Assessment of Triazoles and Other Organic Contaminants in Snow and Snowmelt in Urban Waters, Anchorage, Alaska""; ""Remediation of Oil-Contaminated Soil in Greenland""; ""The Performance of Artificial Frozen Barriers""; ""Frozen Ground and Permafrost""; ""A Case Study on Thermal Foundation Design for the Goldstream Valley Bridgeâ€?Alaska Railroad MP 432.1, West of Fairbanks, Alaska""
  • ""Analysis of a Frozen Debris Lobe: A First Look inside an Impending Geohazard""""Electrical Resistivity of Soils Due to Cyclic Freezing and Thawing""; ""Estimation of Spatial Variation of Spectral Acceleration in Anchorage Basin, Alaska, from Strong Motion Network Data""; ""Experimental and Practical Evaluation Method of Three-Dimensional Frost Heave of Frozen Soil""; ""Opportunities and Constraints of Engineering Frozen Backfill for Underground Mining Applications in Permafrost""; ""Geocryological Problems of Railroads on Permafrost""; ""Geotechnical Engineering in Cold Regions""
  • ""Mechanical Properties of Naturally Frozen Silty Soil for Seismic Design of Pile Foundations""""Naturally Frozen Soils from the Field to the Laboratory""; ""New Approach for Estimating Hydraulic Properties of Soils in Cold Regions""; ""Properties of Embankments Constructed in Winter""; ""Thermal-Mechanical Constitutive Modeling for Freezing and Thawing Soils""; ""Geomatics and Specific Arctic Issues""; ""Geomatics Infrastructure Developments in Alaska by the National Geodetic Survey""; ""GIS Compilation of Alaska North Slope Geotechnical Data""; ""The GRAV-D Project: Focus on Alaska""
  • ""Gravity, Geoids, and Heights in the Alaskan Arctic""""OPUS Use in Alaska: A Favored Positioning Tool from the North Slope to the Remote Aleutian Islands""; ""Software to Help Surveying Engineers Deal with Coordinate Changes Due to Crustal Motion in Alaska""; ""Oil, Gas, and Energy Issues""; ""Applied Ice Engineering for Exploring Arctic Natural Resources""; ""Best Practice in Arctic Development Concept Selectionâ€?How to Avoid the Traps""; ""Trenching of Pipelines for Protection in Ice Environments""; ""Pavement Performance""
  • ""A Study on Reproducibility of Friction Data Collected Using a Continuous Friction Tester""
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