Achieving global sustainability policy recommendations

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  • The problem of global sustainability is indisputably the most serious issue facing humanity today. One of the biggest factors in the deterioration of global sustainability is climate change which has been exacerbated by the entire range of human activities and is inextricably related to modern civilization. Solving this difficult problem requires a drastic redesign of society from all aspects-technological, economic, and social. This book looks at at how to achieve a more secure level of global sustainability and gathers together a variety of recommendations.Achieving Global Sustainability rev


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  • ""Achieving global sustainability: Policy recommendations""; ""Contents""; ""Figures""; ""Tables""; ""Plates""; ""Equations""; ""Contributors""; ""Abbreviations""; ""Preface""; ""1 Introduction""; ""1-1 The end of the era of CO2 emissions""; ""1-2 Green New Deal""; ""1-3 The end of the era of automobiles and oil""; ""1-4 Automobiles and digital cameras""; ""1-5 Measures to combat climate change will spur global economic growth""; ""2 Global sustainability""; ""2-1 Global sustainability: Current issues and challenges""; ""2-1-1 Sustainability issues in the twenty-first century""
  • ""2-1-2 The current state of global sustainability""""Environmental sustainability""; ""Global socio-economic realities""; ""2-1-3 Approaches to global sustainability""; ""2-1-4 Challenges for global sustainability""; ""The role of technology and institutions""; ""Challenges in developing countries""; ""2-1-5 Conclusion""; ""Notes""; ""References""; ""2-2 Global sustainability: Globalization and sustainable development""; ""2-2-1 Introduction""; ""2-2-2 Today's patterns in global environmental changes""; ""2-2-3 Environment and economic globalization in East Asia""
  • ""Mutual dependence between international specialization and environmental load""""2-2-4 Sustainable development of Asia""; ""Sustainable development of East Asia""; ""Asia of growth and Asia with vulnerability""; ""2-2-5 Global sustainability and local initiatives""; ""2-2-6 Conclusion""; ""References""; ""2-3 A new paradigm for economic growth""; ""2-3-1 Introduction""; ""2-3-2 The twentieth century as the century of CO2""; ""2-3-3 The basis for President Bush's withdrawal announcement""; ""2-3-4 Adaptation to climate change""; ""2-3-5 Franklin D. Roosevelt and Barack Obama""
  • ""2-3-6 Keynesian economics reborn""""2-3-7 The Green New Deal declaration""; ""2-3-8 Penetration of consumer durables to drive future growth""; ""2-3-9 What needs to be done to facilitate the penetration of solar panels?""; ""2-3-10 Stationary fuel cells and electric cars""; ""2-3-11 Closing remarks""; ""References""; ""3 Paradigm shift of socio-economic development""; ""3-1 Sustainable development and social common capital""; ""3-1-1 Introduction""; ""3-1-2 Economic models of sustainable development""; ""3-1-3 Productive base and social common capital""
  • ""3-1-4 Social common capital and climate change""""3-1-5 Conclusion""; ""References""; ""3-2 Social norms and peopleâ€?s values in light of sustainability""; ""3-2-1 Introduction""; ""3-2-2 Sustainability and social dilemma""; ""Social dilemmas""; ""Importance of communication""; ""Efficacy for cooperation""; ""Inherent features of environmental problems""; ""3-2-3 Morality and social norms""; ""Psychological factors in the social dilemma""; ""Social norms for cooperation""; ""Two types of social norms""; ""3-2-4 Keys to solving social dilemmas in the local community""
  • ""Community and social capital""
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