The medical management of AIDS 2012

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Access the latest information available in the challenging area of HIV/AIDS management with Sande's HIV/AIDS Medicine, 2nd Edition. Authored by a veritable ""who's who"" of current global experts i...

Access the latest information available in the challenging area of HIV/AIDS management with Sande's HIV/AIDS Medicine, 2nd Edition. Authored by a veritable ""who's who"" of current global experts in the field, this medical reference book will provide you with all the practical, indispensable guidance you'll need to offer your patients the best possible care. Access reliable, up-to-the-minute guidance that addresses the realities of HIV/AIDS management in your geographical region, thanks to contributions from a global cast of renowned expert clinicians and researchers. <li

[edited by] Paul. A. Volberding [and others]
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  • Available from some providers with title: Sande's HIV/AIDS medicine, medical management of AIDS 2012
  • Second Edition
  • Philadelphia : Elsevier/Saunders, ©2012
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  • Previous edition: 2008.
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  • Sande's HIV/AIDS Medicine: Medical Management of AIDS 2012; Copyright; Contents; Preface; Contributors; Acknowledgments; Section 1: Epidemiology and biology of HIV infection; Chapter 1: The global epidemiology of HIV/AIDS; Overview of the Global Epidemic; Measurement of Disease; HIV Transmission; Sexual transmission; Mother-to-child transmission; Injection drug use and exposure to contaminated blood; Regional review; Sub-Saharan Africa; South; East; West; Central; Europe; West; East; Central; North America; United States; Canada; Latin America and the Caribbean; Caribbean
  • Central and South AmericaAsia; South and Southeast Asia; East Asia; Central Asia and Middle East; References; Chapter 2: The origins and diversification of HIV; Introduction; The Deep Roots of HIV; HIV/SIV Nomenclature; Where did HIV Enter the Human Population?; When did HIV Enter the Human Population?; HIV/AIDS: Collateral Damage from Unsafe Medical Practices?; The Meaning of Genetic Diversity within HIV-1 Group M; Conclusion; References; Chapter 3: Molecular biology of HIV; HIV Entry; Early Cytoplasmic Events; Crossing the Nuclear Pore; Integration; Transcriptional Events
  • Expression of Viral GenesReplicating New Viruses; Assembly and Budding of HIV Virions; Antiviral Host Factors; APOBEC3G; TRIM5α; Tetherin; Summary and Perspective; Acknowledgments; References; Chapter 4: The immune response to HIV; Introduction; General Principles of an Antiviral Immune Response; Acquired Immunity to Viral Infections; Immune Response to HIV-1 infection; Why the Immune Response Fails to Control HIV; Escape from neutralizing antibodies; Escape from CD8 T cell control; CD8 T cell dysfunction; Impaired CD4 T cell responses; Impaired dendritic cell function
  • Lymphoid structure degenerationOther concomitant infections; Evidence for Correlates of Protection to HIV-1 infection; Prospects for vaccines; Conclusion; References; Chapter 5: Viral and host determinants of HIV-1 disease progression; Introduction; Specific (Adaptive) Antiviral Immune Response; Humoral immune response; Cellular immune response: cytotoxic T lymphocytes; Cellular immune response: helper T lymphocytes; Chronic Immune Activation and CD4 T Cell Loss; CD4 depletion in the gut; Viral Factors That Influence Viral Load: Biological Phenotype; Evolution of co-receptor use
  • Viral accessory genesNef; Vif; Vpr; Vpu; Host Factors That Influence HIV-1 Acquisition and Disease Progression; Human leukocyte antigens; Genome-Wide Association Studies; Genome-Wide siRNA, cDNA and Gene-Expression Screens on HIV-1 Replication; Conclusion; References; Chapter 6: Acute HIV infection; Introduction; Pathophysiology; CD4 T cell responses; CD8 T cell responses; Antibody responses; Innate immune responses; Immune and virological outcomes at resolution of primary infection; Virus; Co-infection and superinfection; Clinical Manifestations; Diagnosis; Laboratory Testing and Diagnosis
  • Serology
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