Power and status in the Roman Empire, AD 193-284

Mennen, Inge

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  • This book deals with changing power and status relations between AD 193 and 284, when the Empire came under tremendous pressure, and presents new insights into the diachronic development of imperial administration and socio-political hierarchies between the second and fourth centuries.


  • Description based upon print version of record.
  • Includes bibliographical references and indexes.
  • English


  • Contents; Acknowledgements; Abbreviations; Notes to the Reader; Introduction; Chapter One. Changing Emperorship: Setting the Scene; 1.1. Factors Influencing Emperorship between AD 193 and 284; 1.2. Consequences for the Position of the Emperor; 1.3. Conclusion; Chapter Two. The Impact of Crises on the Position of the Senatorial Elite; 2.1. Establishing the Senatorial Elite in the Third Century; 2.2. Analyzing the Selected Families; 2.3. Defining a Nucleus within the Senatorial Elite; 2.4. Conclusion; Excursus. Prosopography of the Senatorial Elite Families
  • Chapter Three. Praetorian Prefects and Other High-ranking Equestrians3.1. The Increasing Responsibilities of High Equestrians in Imperial Administration; 3.2. The Status of High-ranking Equestrians in the Third Century; 3.3. The praefecti praetorio: A Case Study; 3.4. Conclusion; Chapter Four. High-ranking Military Officers: Septimius Severus versus Gallienus; 4.1. Septimius Severus and His Military Officers; 4.2. Gallienus and His Military Officers; 4.3. Conclusion; Conclusion; Appendix One. List of Emperors and Usurpers (AD 193-284)
  • Appendix Two. Lists of Men Holding Senatorial Elite Positions between AD 193 and 284Appendix Three. List of Praefecti Praetorio between AD 193 and 284; Bibliography; General Index; Index of Ancient Persons
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