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American Cancer Society Complete Guide to Complementary & Alternative Cancer Therapies The Essential Guide for You and Your Doctor

Society, American Cancer

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  • <DIV>Written for consumers, patients, and families seeking reliable information about nontraditional therapies, this is a quick and easy guide to the latest information about complementary and alternative methods most commonly available to people with cancer. It includes more than 250 entries covering a broad range of topics, such as herbs, vitamins, minerals, mind/body/spirit, diet and nutrition, physical touch, and biological methods. Each entry provides a synopsis of what the method involves and what effects can occur. Current research findings are explained in brief and understandable lang


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  • Front Cover; Copyright; A Note to the Reader; Abbreviated Table of Contents; Contents; Foreword; Introduction; 1. How to Use this Book; Sample Book Entry; 2. Defining and Evaluating Complementary and Alternative Therapies; How Complementary and Alternative Therapies Differ; Commonly Used Terms; A Scientific View of Cancer; Types of Scientific Studies and Evidence; 3. Regulation of Drugs and Dietary Supplements; The History of Drug Regulation in the United States; Drug Development in the United States; Regulation of Food and Dietary Supplements
  • How the Regulation of Dietary Supplements Has ChangedBalancing Consumer Choice and Protection; Reporting Adverse Reactions; 4. Guidelines for Using Complementary and Alternative Therapies; Why We Don't Believe in Alternative Cures; Questions to Ask about Complementary or Alternative Methods; Considering Evidence for Complementary Therapies; Regulation of Complementary and Alternative Medical Practitioners; Sources of Information about Complementary Care Providers; Talking with Your Physician about Complementary Therapies; 5. Mind, Body, and Spirit Therapies; Aromatherapy; Art Therapy
  • AyurvedaBioenergetics; Biofeedback; Breathwork; Crystals; Curanderismo; Cymatic Therapy; Dance Therapy; Faith Healing; Feng Shui; Holistic Medicine; Humor Therapy; Hypnosis; Imagery; Kirlian Photography; LabyrinthWalking; Meditation; Music Therapy; Native American Healing; Naturopathic Medicine; Neuro-Linguistic Programming; Psychotherapy; Qigong; Shamanism; Spirituality and Prayer; Support Groups; Tai Chi; Yoga; 6. Manual Healing and Physical Touch Therapies; Acupressure, Shiatsu, and Other Asian Bodywork; Acupuncture; Applied Kinesiology; Biological Dentistry; Bodywork; Cancer Salves
  • Castor OilChiropractic; Cold Laser Therapy; Colon Therapy; Craniosacral Therapy; Cupping; Electrodermal Screening; Electromagnetic Therapy; Heat Therapy; Hydrotherapy; Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy; Light Therapy; Magnetic Therapy; Massage; Moxibustion; Myofascial Release; Neural Therapy; Osteopathy; Polarity Therapy; Psychic Surgery; Reflexology; Reiki; Rosen Method; Rubenfeld Synergy Method; Therapeutic Touch; Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation; 7. Herb, Vitamin, and Mineral Therapies; Aconite; Aloe; Arnica; Astragalus; Aveloz; Black Cohosh; Black Walnut; Bromelain; Calcium; Capsicum
  • Cat's ClawCelandine; Cesium Chloride; Chamomile; Chaparral; Chinese Herbal Medicine; Chlorella; Cloves; Comfrey; Copper; Echinacea; Eleuthero; Enercel; Essiac Tea; Evening Primrose; Flaxseed; Flower Remedies; Folic Acid; Germanium; Ginger; Ginkgo; Ginseng; Glyconutrients; Goldenseal; Gotu Kola; Green Tea; Hoxsey Herbal Treatment; Indian Snakeroot; Kampo; Kava; Larch; Licorice; Marijuana; Milk Thistle; Mistletoe; Molybdenum; Mugwort; Oleander Leaf; Orthomolecular Medicine; Pau d'arco; PC-SPES, PC-HOPE, and PC-CARE; Peppermint; Phytochemicals; Pine Bark Extract; Pokeweed; Potassium; Psyllium
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