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050 00 $aLC3079$b.L52 2002
082 00 $a371.829/951071$221
100 1_ $aLi, Guofang,$d1972-
245 10 $aEast is east, west is west? :$bhome literacy, culture, and schooling /$cGuofang Li.$h[electronic resource]
246    $aEast is East, West is West'?: Home Literacy, Culture & Schooling
246    $aEast is East, West is West'?
260    $aNew York :$bP. Lang,$cc2002.
300    $a1 online resource (xvi, 225 p. )$bill. ;
336    $atext$btxt
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338    $aonline resource$bcr
490 1_ $aRethinking childhood ;$vvol. 28
504    $aIncludes bibliographical references (p. [203]-225) and index.
520 1_ $a"Focusing on four Chinese immigrant children's intersecting worlds of home literacy, culture, and schooling, Guofang Li brings the reader into the inner worlds of these children and their families through an ethnographic lens. Centering on the meanings that these children's home literacy practices and their beliefs about literacy have brought upon their school experiences, this book documents the complex, multifaceted nature of the different literacy practices of these children in their distinct family milieus. Li highlights the role of culture and family capital in shaping home literacy practices and schooling. The illustrations of the varied, but often frustrating home experiences counteract the schooled Eurocentric notion of literacy that may constrain and contradict immigrant children's learning outside of schools."--Jacket.
505 00 $tThe Interface between Literacy and Culture: A Journey from East to West --$tUnderstanding Literacy in a Cross-cultural Context --$tLiteracy, Learning, and Cross-cultural Schooling --$tLiteracy as a Cultural Practice --$tLiteracy as "Situated" Practices --$tFamily as a Cultural Setting --$tLiteracy Learning as Social Construction --$tLiteracy, Family, and Cross-cultural Living --$tUnfolding the Stories --$tMethodological Framework --$tPositionality of the Researcher --$tResearch Sites: The Families and the City --$tHow the Stories Are Told --$tYang: The New Boy on the Block --$tIntroduction to English Literacy at Home --$tThe Boy Who Cries: Yang Li's School Experiences --$tWhen East Meets West: Yang's Parents on Schooling --$tYue: Tuning to the New Rhythm --$tYue's Chinese School at Home --$tPuzzled Parents: What Western Schooling is About? --$tFrom Chinese Monolingual to English Monolingual --$tDerin: "I Can't!" --$t"Lonely in a Crowd": Derin at Home --$tThe China-Boy in School --$tA Mother's Endless Tears: Schooling for What? --$tAmy: "I Want to Learn A, B, C!" --$tAmy's World: Emergent Literacy --$tAmy's First Encounter with School --$tHome Literacy: What It Is and What It Means --$tThe Nature of Home Literacy Practices --$tHome Environment and Literacy Development --$tSocial Integration and Literacy Development --$tMedia and Literacy --$tThe Meaning of Schooling in a Cross-cultural Context --$tHome-School Connection: What Does it Mean? --$tCultural Values and Schooling --$tSocio-economic Status and School Performance --$tStereotypes, First Language, and ESL Children.
500    $aBibliographic Level Mode of Issuance: Monograph
546    $aEnglish
650 _0 $aChinese$xEducation$zCanada.
650 _0 $aChildren of immigrants$xEducation$zCanada.
650 _0 $aEducation, Bilingual$zCanada.
650 _0 $aMulticultural education$zCanada.
650 _0 $aLiteracy$xSocial aspects$zCanada.
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776    $z0-8204-6119-9
830 _0 $aRethinking childhood ;$vv. 28.
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