The shadows of total war Europe, East Asia, and the United States, 1919-1939

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  • The essays in this collection examine the interwar period. They explore the lingering consequences of World War I, the intellectual efforts to analyze this conflict's military significance, the attempts to plan for another general war, and several episodes in the 1930s that portended the war that erupted in 1939.


  • Papers presented at a conference held in Aug. 1999 in Münchenwiler, Switzerland as the fourth of a series of five conferences.
  • Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • English


  • Cover; Half-title; Series-title; Title; Copyright; Contents; List of Contributors; Introduction; 1 The Politics of War and Peace in the 1920s and 1930s; 2 War and Society in the 1920s and 1930s; 3 Plans, Weapons, Doctrines; 4 Religious Socialism, Peace, and Pacifism; 5 No More Peace; 6 The War's Returns; 7 The Impact of Total War on the Practice of British Psychiatry; 8 Sore Loser; 9 Strangelove, or How Ernst Jünger Learned to Love Total War; 10 Shadows of Total War in French and British Military Journals, 1918-1939; 11 Yesterday's Battles and Future War
  • 12 "The Study of the Distant Past Is Futile"13 "Not by Law but by Sentiment"; 14 "Blitzkrieg" or Total War?; 15 The Condor Legion; 16 Stalinism as Total Social War; 17 Total Colonial Warfare; 18 Japan's Wartime Empire in China; Index
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