The elections in Israel, 1992

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  • ""Front Matter ""; ""Half Title Page ""; ""Title Page ""; ""Copyright Page ""; ""Table of Contents ""; ""List of Tables""; ""List of Figures""; ""Introduction""; ""I""; ""II""; ""III""; ""IV""; ""V""; ""VI""; ""Notes""; ""Content ""; ""PART I: Political Turnover""; ""Two Reversals: Why 1992 Was Not 1977""; ""I. Introduction""; ""II. The Arithmetic of Reversal""; ""III. Issues and Demography""; ""IV. Who Went Where?""; ""V. Wedge Issues""; ""VI. More on the 1992 Election""; ""VII. Conclusion""; ""Notes""; ""References""; ""Modelling Victory in the 1992 Election""; ""I. Introduction""
  • ""II. Elements of the Model: Factors in the 1992 Election""""Candidates""; ""Perfarmance Evaluations""; ""Party Attachment""; ""The Social Basis of the Vote""; ""III. The Model""; ""IV. Empirical Results""; ""Utility Parameters-Importance for the Individual Voter""; ""Vote Probabilities: Party Blocs' Sources of Advantage""; ""Dispersion of Vote Probabilities""; ""The Sources of Electoral Turnover: 1992 versus 1988""; ""V. Summary and Conclusion""; ""Notes""; ""References""; ""PART II: Group Influences""; ""Penetrating the System: The Politics of Collective Identities""
  • ""I. Religious Parties""""II. Jewish Ethnic Parties""; ""III. Arab Parties""; ""IV. Women's Parties""; ""V. Conclusion""; ""References""; ""Equal But Different? The Gender Gap in Israel's 1992 Elections""; ""I. Political Activity""; ""Political Efficacy""; ""Discussion of Political Affairs""; ""Voting""; ""Partisan Affiliation""; ""II. Opinions and Attitudes""; ""Views on Peace and Security""; ""Policy Preferences""; ""Voting Preferences""; ""III. Some Explanations""; ""The Development Model""; ""The Generational Model""; ""The Autonomy Model""; ""The Diffusion Model""; ""IV. Conclusions""
  • ""Notes""""References""; ""Shas-The Sephardic Torah Guardians: Religious ""Movement"" and Political Power""; ""I. The Campaign: ""Imagining"" the Movement""; ""II. Teshuva: Spiritual/Moral Movement""; ""III. Blessings, Prayers, and a Charm""; ""IV. Competition with Other Parties""; ""V. The Elections to the 1992 Knesset""; ""VI. Joining the Labor-led coalition""; ""VII. Conclusion""; ""Notes""; ""References""; ""The Political Behavior of the Arabs in Israel in the 1992 Elections: Integration versus Segregation""; ""I. Parliamentary Elections and Political Marginalization""
  • ""II. From Passive to Active Participation""""III. The 1992 Elections""; ""Political and Social Divisions""; ""Religious Divisions""; ""From Arab-Jewish to Arab Structure""; ""Citizenship Issues""; ""Voting Behavior""; ""In the Aftermath of the Elections""; ""IV. Concluding Remarks""; ""Note""; ""References""; ""Voting Trends of Recent Immigrants from the Former Soviet Union""; ""I. Introduction""; ""II. The Electoral Power of the Immigrants""; ""III. Determination of Political Positions""; ""IV. Issues and Party Preferences""; ""V. Trends in Party Preferences""
  • ""VI. Influence of the Immigrants on the Election Results""
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