Bob Garfield's In my day job, I'm a movie star


  • Television advertisements from the nineteen sixties through the eighties, featuring celebrity endorsements which show how the use of celebrity talent in advertising has evolved from its primitive beginnings. Advertisements are interspersed with commentary by critic and journalist, Bob Garfield.


  • VHS.


  • Jello and Dream Whip (Carol Channing) -- Campbell's soups (Dave Marr) -- Kent cigarettes (Dick Van Dyke, Mary Tyler Moore) -- U.S. Commemorative stamps (Ernest Borgnine) -- Good n' Plenty candy (Jason Alexander) -- Aramis -- Band Aids (John Travolta) -- Javelin Amer. Motors -- Apple computers (Kevin Costner) -- La Choy Chow Mein (Muppetts) -- Mattel toys --- Faberge shampoo (Farrah Fawcett) -- Yardley false eyelashes ("Twiggy") -- Lady Clairol (Inger Stevens) -- Coty Cremestick lipstick (Joey Heatherton) -- Carling Black label beer (Arte Johnson) -- Lionel electric cars (Arte Johnson) -- Coca-Cola (Barbara McNair) -- Sprite (Gerry Mulligan) -- Schacker beer (Louis Armstrong) -- Billy beer (Billy Carter) -- Awake orange juice (Bette Davis)
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