Bob Garfield's "Whoa, man, flashbacks!"

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  • Nostalgic television commercials repleat with jingles which reveal how the styles and techniques of advertising have changed. Includes examples of forgotten products, early technology adds, offensive product adds, 60's "sophisticat" ads, bombastic ads and more that will make you wince or howl. Commentary by critic and columnist for Advertising Age, Bob Garfield.


  • VHS.


  • Beef-a-roni, Chef Boy-ar-dee -- Salem cigarettes -- Mattel Vrroom bicycles -- Jingle jump toy -- Happy soup -- Hormel tender chunk ham -- Firebrand beef strips -- Feel free soda -- King cola -- Viewmaster -- Nifty pushbutton binder -- National semiconductor Adversary game (Home version of "Pong") -- Titanic board game -- "Balance of Power" game -- Talking shrinkin' violette doll -- Labatt's 50 ale -- Farmers Insurance (Jack Benny, Dennis Day, Ed McMann in a parody of Peter, Paul and Mary) -- 7 up Cola -- Icee drink -- On the wind cologne -- Yardley Oh! de London cologne -- Hazel Bishop cosmetics -- Style Lite hairspray -- Pontiac -- Rambler -- Corvair
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