Congress and the emergence of sectionalism : from the Missouri Compromise to the age of Jackson

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  • Includes bibliographical references and index.


  • Sectionalism. The three-fifths clause and the origins of sectionalism / Jan Lewis ; The political economy of sectionalism : tarrif controversies and conflicting conceptions of world order / Peter S. Onuf ; The Missouri controversy and sectionalism / Robert P. Forbs ; United States Indian policy in sectional crisis : Georgia's exploitation of the Compact of 1802 -- Congress in the Age of Jackson. Andrew Jackson, great president (?) / William W. Freehling ; States' rights, state sovereignty, and nullification / Michael Les Benedict ; He broke the bank, but did Andrew Jackson also father the Fed? / Jenny B. Wahl ; The devil and Andrew Jackson : historians and Jackson's role in the Indian removal crisis / Tim Alan Garrison ; Andrew Jackson versus the Senate / Daniel Feller
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