Stanley Cavell and the education of grownups

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  • What could it mean to speak of philosophy as 'the education of grownups'? This book takes Cavell's enigmatic phrase as a provocation to explore the themes of education that run throughout his work - from his response to Wittgenstein, Austin and ordinary-language philosophy, to his readings of Thoreau.


  • Includes bibliographical references and index.


  • Philosophy as the education of grownups / Stanley Cavell ; pt. 1. Entries in the education of grownups. The fact/value dichotomy and its critics / Hilary Putnam ; Encountering Cavell : the education of a grownup / Russell B. Goodman -- pt. 2. Skepticism and language. Skepticism, acknowledgement, and the ownership of learning / Paul Standish ; Sensual schooling : on the aesthetic education of grownups / Gordon C.F. Bearn -- pt. 3. Moral perfectionism and education. Voice and the interrogation of philosophy : inheritance, abandonment, and jazz / Vincent colapietro ; Perfectionism' educational address / René V. Arcilla ; The gleam of light : initiation, prophesy, and Emersonian moral perfectionism / Naoko Saito ; The ordinary as sublime in Cavell, Zen, and Nisida : Cavell's philosophy of education in east-west perspective / Steve Odin -- Coda. Philosophy as education / Stanley Cavell
  • pt. 1. Entries in the education -- pt. 2. Skepticism and language -- pt. 3. Moral perfectionism
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