Oral history interview with June Krahn

Krahn, June, 1918 -

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  • June Krahn is a lifelong resident of Gays Mills, Wisconsin. Ms. Krahn was married in the erly 1940s and had one daughter. Her and her husband owned the Standard Oil gasoline station on Main Street in Gays Mills, WI, for over twenty years, from 1940s to 1968. Ms. Krahn discusses her life growing up in Gays Mills, the annual apple festival, movie theatres, river activities, employment and the decline of local businesses. Krahn also discusses the flooding from 1935 to present and the FEMA involvement in the city, including the relocation project of Gays Mills, WI due to the flooding.


  • Gays Mills Oral History Collection.
  • Videodisc: DVD-ROM (audio)


  • Family history -- Siblings -- Education -- Ethinic groups -- Adolescent recreation -- Local dances -- High school graduation, 1936 -- Personal history, marriage & children -- Employment, apple picking -- Business, Standard Oil Station -- Population changes -- Apple Festival changes -- Relocation, opinion -- Relocation, transportation issues -- Flooding, history -- Relocation, flooding -- Business decline -- Business, sold Standard Oil Station (1968) -- Employment, (husband) Chevrolet Garage -- Employment, (husband) apple orchard -- Village board, criticism -- Relocation, criticism -- Relocation, motivations -- Relocation issues -- Walking paths -- Relocation, decision -- Retail choices -- Employment choices -- Health industry -- Flooding -- Tourism -- Backyard slough -- Flooding, 2008 -- Personal history, husband and daughter -- Relocation, future -- Meals on Wheels -- Relocation, alternative options -- Flooding, government assistance -- Relocation, monetary issues
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