Oral history interview with Gary Wubbenhorst

Wubbenhorst, Gary

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  • Gary Wubbenhorst, in his oral history interview, shares his background information and his family's farming experiences as well as the reason why he started farming. He touches briefly on tobacco farming and milking prices issues and how the low input cash really affects their living standards. Then he talks about technologies which had huge effects on the decision making and allowed his family to expand the farming management technique further and explains in detail the expansion as a result of new technologies. Following the expansion, he shares several stories during the period from the farming boom in the 1970's to these hard times in the early eighties. He also states his opinion on factory farming and the problems it causes to regular farming practices and shares his thoughts on the future of farming in Kickapoo River valley in the next twenty years.


  • Kickapoo Valley project.


  • 1. Personal farming background -- 2. Farm description -- 3. Family history, farming -- 4. Tobacco farming -- 5. Tobacco farming, description -- 6. Dairy farming -- 7. Dairy farming, description -- 8. Farming technology -- 9. Farm expansion -- 10. Dairy market -- 11. Farming, interest rates -- 12. Crops -- 13. Flooding -- 14. Government subsidies -- 15. Kickapoo Valley, farming changes -- 16. Industrial farming, opinions -- 17. Kickapoo Valley, farming future