Landscapes in early childhood education : cross-national perspectives on empowerment -- a guide for the new millennium

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  • Includes bibliographical references.


  • 1. Early Childhood Education: Multiple Perspectives. 2. Early Childhood Landscapes: A Framework for Analysis -- The Big Picture. 3. Childcare and the Growth of Love: Preparing for an Unknown Future -- National Landscapes. 4. Policy Development and Change on the Australian Landscape: A Historical Perspective. 5. Early Childhood Education on the Canadian Policy Landscape. 6. The Early Childhood Landscape in New Zealand. 7. Hong Kong's Early Childhood Landscape: Division, Diversity, and Dilemmas -- The Landscape of Policy and Practice. 8. Hitting the Wall: Early Childhood Education in the Primary and Tertiary Sectors - An Australian Case Study. 9. Choosing Childcare for Infants: Social, Cultural, and Demographic Influences and Outcomes. 10. Empowering Children to Learn and Grow - Te Wharlkl: The New Zealand Early Childhood National Curriculum. 11. Landscapes of Intimacy, Sensuality, and Care in Early Childhood Settings. 12. The Social Policy Context of Day Care in Four Canadian Provinces. 13. Empowerment and Entrapment: Women Workers in Home-Based and Center-Based Settings. 14. Exploring Parental Involvement in Canada: An Ideological Maze. 15. Immigrant Families in Early Childhood Centers: Diverse Expectations -- The Professional Landscape. 16. Preparing the Early Childhood Profession: An Australian Analysis. 17. When Does a Teacher Teach? The Queensland Early Childhood Profession on Trial. 18. The Politics of Restructuring and Professional Accountability: A Case Study of Curriculum Choice for Early Childhood Programs. 19. The Emergent Professional: Training and Credentialing Early Childhood Teachers - An Australian Case Study. 20. Early Childhood Services in Rural and Remote Areas: Four Case Studies. 21. Implementing the Australian Early Childhood Association Code of Ethics: A Constitutional Strategy. 22. Empowering the Migrant Worker: The Childcare Assessment and Bridging Project --
  • The Classroom/Curricular Landscape. 23. Family Literacy: Challenges for Early Education. 24. Literacy in the Preschool: An Australian Case Study. 25. Effects of Sociocultural Contexts and Discourses on Science and Technology Teaching in Early Childhood Education. 26. The Kindergarten Landscape -- The Way Forward. 27. British Columbia's Ministry for Children and Families: A Case Study in Progress. 28. Early Childhood Education: An Empowering Force for the Twenty-First Century?
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