Singing the nations : Herder's legacy

International Ballad Conference (34th : 2004 : Riga, Latvia)


  • International Ballad Conference (34th : 2004 : Riga, Latvia)

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  • Proceedings from the 34th International Ballad Conference, Riga, Latvia, 2004.
  • Includes bibliographical references.
  • English (chiefly); one article in French and one in German.


  • Acknowledgements -- Foreword / Vaira Vīk̦e-Freiberga -- Introduction / Dace Bula and Sigrid Rieuwerts -- Herder's legacy : Latvia and folksong. Latvian folksongs : collected, published and studied / Dace Bula -- Herder and the development of his Volkslied concept during his time in Riga / Sabine Wienker-Piepho -- A return to the rural idyll : the Herderian past in Latvian ethnographic singing / Kristina Jaremko-Porter -- The voice of the Scottish muse on the shores of the frozen Baltic : Robert Jamieson, Sir Walter Scott and Riga / Sigrid Rieuwerts -- Lettische Volkslieder in Karl Marx' internationaler Volksliedsammlung für seine Braut Jenny von Westphalen / Barbara Boock -- Singing the nations : culture and rhetoric. Oom Jannie, Queen Victoria, diamonds and the roots of Afrikaner nationalism / Matilda Burden -- Establishing a corpus of national songs / Velle Espeland -- Nationalist rhetoric and religious faith : Mexican nationalism in Virgin of Guadalupe songs / María Herrera-Sobek -- The song of the martyrs of Arad / Katalin Juhász -- The rupture of history : nationalistic abuse of oral and literary poetry in Nazi Germany, the case of Agnes Miegel / Kirsten Kearney -- Le chant des Belges en 1914-18 : l'élan d'une nation / Isabelle Peere -- "To tread on the neck of the Czar" : imitation and disorder in the historical song / Gerald Porter -- Searching for art and history in folksongs / Liina Saarlo -- Studying the nations : texts and traditions. Frank Miller (1854-1944) : Scotland's forgotten collector / Valentina Bold -- William Christie : some sources for Traditional ballad airs / Katherine Campbell -- From druids to dairymaids : Iolo Morganwg (1747-1826) and Welsh oral tradition / Mary-Ann Constantine -- The love of dance in medieval Denmark, or, whatever happened to the chain dance in Danish ballad research? / Lene Halskov Hansen -- Songs from south-west Scotland, 1825-1830 : Motherwell's personal records in relation to records in Crawfurd's collection / Emily Lyle -- Lyric folk songs of Karuse Parish in west Estonia / Tiiu Jaago -- Searching for the singer in archive texts / Janika Oras -- Singing and sharing : customs and concepts. Gender imbalance in ballad baby births / Frances J. Fischer -- The French muguet (lily-of-the-valley) in song / Cozette Griffin-Kremer -- Divination in Estonian regi-songs / Aaddo Lintrop -- Neighbours and night visits in the song repertiore of Clarence Blois / Martin Lovelace -- Weaning traditions in Latvian folksongs and ethnographical materials / Rūta Muktupāvela -- Telling the time : the popular concept of time in song / Andrew C. Rouse -- Dialogues of genres : Herder's legacy enlarged. Balkan and Baltic vocal polyphonies : comparative aspects / Martin Boiko -- The melodies of Icelandic Rímur / Hans Kuhn -- Possible points of convergence in the metrical history of Estonian and Latvian folk songs / Mari Sarv -- The English "maid" and the ballad idea / David Atkinson -- The link between real-life experiences and the Latvian literary ballad / Baiba Bela and Ieva Garda -- "The tenth daughter" : from a fairy tale to contemporary literature / Marjetka Golež Kaučič -- Drawn from the Yarrow Stream : a variant of John Logan's "Braes of Yarrow" in oral tradition / William Bernard McCarthy -- "The vanishing hitchhiker" theme in Portuguese balladry / J.J. Dias Marques -- The use of folk poetry in fantasy genre literature / Bārbala Stroda
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