Lost kingdoms : Hindu-Buddhist sculpture of early Southeast Asia

Guy, John, 1949-
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  • "Numerous Hindu and Buddhist kingdoms flourished in Southeast Asia from the 5th to the 9th century, yet until recently few concrete details were known about them. Lost Kingdoms reveals newly discovered architectural and sculptural relics from this region, which provide key insights into the formerly mysterious kingdoms. The first publication to use sculpture as a lens to explore this period of Southeast Asian history, Lost Kingdoms offers a significant contribution and a fresh approach to the study of cultures in Cambodia, Thailand, Burma, and other countries"--Distributor's website.


  • Catalog of an exhibition held at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, April 14-July 27, 2014.
  • Includes bibliographical references (pages 282-305) and index.


  • Director's foreword -- Preface -- Acknowledgments -- Lenders to the exhibition -- Map I : Overview -- Map II : Mainland Southeast Asia in the first millennium -- Map III : Peninsular and insular Southeast Asia in the first millennium -- Note to the reader -- I. Lost Kingdoms. Introducing early Southeast Asia / John Guy ; Principal kingdoms of early Southeast Asia / John Guy ; Southeast Asia and the early maritime silk road / Bérénice Bellina ; Beyond the southern borders : Southeast Asia in Chinese texts to the ninth century / Geoff Wade ; Catalogue : Indian imports ; Catalogue : Nature cults -- II. Emerging Identities. Early Indic inscriptions of Southeast Asia / Arlo Griffiths ; Precious deposits : Buddhism seen through inscriptions in early Southeast Asia / Peter Skilling ; The Pyu civilization of Myanmar and the city of Śrī Kṣetra / U Thein Lwin, U Win Kyaing, and Janis Stargardt ; Early Cham art : indigenous styles and regional connections / Pierre Baptiste ; Catalogue : Arrival of Buddhism -- III. The Brahmanical World. Early coastal states of Southeast Asia : Funan and Śrīvijaya / Pierre-Yves Manguin ; Early traces of Hinduism and Buddhism across the Java Sea / Agustijanto Indradjaya ; Hindu-Buddhist sculpture in southern Vietnam : evolution of icons and styles to the eighth century / Le Thi Lien ; Stylistic trends in mainland Southeast Asia, 600-800 / Hiram Woodward ; Catalogue : Viṣṇu and kingship ; Catalogue : Śiva's world -- IV. State Art. Dvāravatī sculpture / Robert L. Brown ; Cakra : quintessential symbol of the Buddha's law / Thierry Zéphir ; Buddhist architecture and ritual space in Thailand, seventh to ninth century / Steven A. Murphy ; Catalogue : State art -- V. Savior Cults. The transformation of Brahmanical and Buddhist imagery in Central Thailand / Pattaratorn Chirapravati ; Catalogue : Savior cults -- Appendices. Stone types and sculptural practices in pre-Angkorian Southeast Asia / Federico Carò and Janet G. Douglas ; Technical observations on casting technology in first-millennium Cambodia, Thailand, and Vuetnam / Lawrence Becker, Donna Strahan, and Ariel O'Connor -- Notes to essays -- Bibliography -- Glossary of sites in first-millennium Southeast Asia -- Notes on contributors -- Photograph credits
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