The centennial of the Tibeto-Mongol treaty, 1913-2013


  • Collection of articles on the 1913 Tibeto-Mongol Treaty, including the Tibetan and Mongolian versions of the treaty, and their respective translations into English.


  • "Spring 2013."
  • Editors' names from masthead.
  • Includes bibliographical references.


  • The 1913 Tibeto-Mongol Treaty: Its international reception and circulation / Elliot Sperling -- The Tibeto-Mongol Treaty of January 1913 / Tashi Tsering -- The 1913 treaty between Mongolia and Tibet: Its historical importance / J. Bor ; A. Tuvshingtugs -- 1913 Tibeto-Mongolia treaty of friendship and alliance: New sources uncovering the history of its drafting / Nikolay Tsyrempilov -- The relationship between Mongolia and Tibet at the time of the Qing Collapse / Sung-soo, Kim -- State sovereignty and the Mongolian-Tibetan treaty (1913) / Udo B. Barkmann -- The treaty of 1913 between Mongolia and Tibet as a valid international document / Sergius L. Kuzmin -- The position of the 1913 Mongolia-Tibet treaty in the royal (all elevated) Mongol state diplomacy / D. Ulambayar -- The positions of imperial Russia, the United Kingdom, and Japan on the Mongolia-Tibet agreement (1913) / Tsedendamba Batbayar -- The 13th Dalai Lama in Mongolia / Sh. Sonninbayar -- A comparative analysis of the Mongolia-Tibet treaty of 1913 and the 1922 Mongolian diplomatic note / D. Gombosuren -- The Mongolia and Tibetan treaty of 1912 and its significance to the history of international relations / Byasakh. J. -- A legal examination of the 1913 Tibeto-Mongol Treaty of friendship and alliance / Michael C. van Walt van Praag
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