Metal-on-metal total hip replacement devices

Symposium on Metal-On-Metal Total Hip Replacement Devices (2012 : Phoenix, Ariz.)


  • Symposium on Metal-On-Metal Total Hip Replacement Devices (2012 : Phoenix, Ariz.)

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  • "Papers presented at a symposium of the same name held in Phoenix, AZ, USA on May 8, 2012."
  • Includes bibliographical references and indexes.


  • Post market surveillance: Prevalence of metal-on-metal bearings in the United States / S.M. Kurtz, K.L. Ong, E. Lau, A.S. Greenwald, and K. Bozic ; Metal-on-metal and other bearing trends among fellows of the AAOS / K.L. Urish, M. Amini, and W.M. Mihalko ; Risk of complications, revision, and cancer for metal-on-metal patients in the medicare population / K.L. Ong, E. Lau, and S.M. Kurtz -- Diagnostic assessment: Serum metal ion concentrations decline (but do not rapidly normalize) following revision of metal-on-metal total hip bearings / J.A. Browne, Z. Wan, W.M. Novicoff, Q. Cui, and T.E. Brown ; Low cobalt and chromium levels from a single metal-on-metal total hip arthroplasty implant / A.F. Chen, M.T. Pigott, E.J. McClain, and B.A. Klatt ; A prospective case series examining the use of a large-head metal-on-metal total hip system / V. Chatrath, I. Catelas, and P.E. Beaule ; A method to isolate and characterize wear debris from synovial fluid and tissues / A.E. Kavanaugh, P. Benya, and F. Billi ; Lymphocyte reactivity to nickel correlates with reported high-pain levels in patients with total joint arthroplasties : implications for pain-related hypersensitivity responses / M.S. Caicedo, L. Samelko, and N.J. Hallab -- Retrieval analysis: Approach, rationale, and examples of metal-on-metal device retrieval and analysis for evidence-based education / J. Lemons, D. Sarver, P. Beck, D. Petersen, and A. Eberhardt ; The development of a standard method for assessing wear of explanted metal-on-metal hip joints / R.J. Underwood, M. Fowell, R. Sayles, S.M. Kurtz, and P. Cann ; Method of characterizing fretting and corrosion at the various taper connections of retrieved modular components from metal-on-metal total hip arthroplasty / G.B. Higgs, J.A. Hanzlik, D.W. MacDonald, W.M. Kane, J.S. Day, G.R. Klein, J. Parvizi, M.A. Mont, M.J. Kraay, J.M. Martell, J.L. Gilbert, C.M. Rimnac, and S.M. Kurtz ; Normal and adverse wear patterns created in-vivo on metal-on-metal surfaces : a retrieval study representing four vendors / I.C. Clarke, T.K. Donaldson, M.D. Burgett, E.J. Smith, J. Bowsher, C. Savisaar, A. John, J.Y. Lazennec, E. Mcpherson, and C.L. Peters ; Analysis of comprehensive measurements from retrieved implants to determine factors contributing to failure modes and wear / P. Campbell, E. Ebramzadeh, S. Azad, F. Billi, Z. Lu, and H. McKellop ; A protocol to assess the wear of head/neck taper junctions in large head metal-on-metal (LHMoM) hips / R.J. Underwood, S.B. Kocagoz, R. Smith, R.S. Sayles, R. Siskey, S.M. Kurtz, and P.M. Cann ; Plastic deformation from edge loading is common on retrieved metal-on-metal hips and can be predicted with finite element analysis / D. McHugh, J. Currier, F. Kennedy, J. Collier, and D. Van Citters ; Microstructure of retrievals made from standard cast HC-CoCrMo alloys / P. Stemmer, R. Pourzal, Y. Liao, L. Marks, M. Morlock, J.J. Jacobs, M.A. Wimmer, and A. Fischer -- Pre-clinical testing: Development of a stop-dwell-start (SDS) protocol for in vitro wear testing of metal-on-metal total hip replacements / M. Hadley, C. Hardaker, S. Williams, Z. Jin, G. Isaac, and J. Fisher ; Tribochemical reactions in metal-on-metal hip joints influence wear and corrosion / M.A. Wimmer, M.T. Mathew, M.P. Laurent, C. Nagelli, Y. Liao, L.D. Marks, R. Pourzal, A. Fischer, and J.J. Jacobs ; Denatured protein deposits identified on simulator and explant hip bearings / M. Burgett, T. Donaldson, I.C. Clarke, C. Savisaar, and J. Bowsher ; Study on tribological and electrochemical performance of metal artificial hip joint materials in simulated synovial fluids / Z.K. Hua, G. Mcknight, and J. McCloy
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