The death penalty

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  • This volume explores the topic of the death penalty by presenting varied expert opinions that examine many of the different aspects that surround this issue. The editors investigate topics such as whether capital punishment is legally and morally just or unjust, how much of a safeguard it is to society, and whether it is applied fairly. The viewpoints are selected from a wide range of highly respected and often hard-to-find sources and publications. Allows the reader to attain the higher-level critical thinking and reading skills that are essential in a culture of diverse and contradictory opinions.


  • Includes bibliographical references and index.


  • Ch 1. Is the death penalty just and ethical? : Why I support the death penalty / Edward Koch -- Justice is not served with the death penalty / Raymond Lesniak -- Christian doctrine supports capital punishment / Bryan Fisher -- Christian doctrine does not support capital punishment / United States Conference of Catholic Bishops
  • Ch 2. Does the death penalty serve the public good? : The death penalty deters crime / David Mulhausen -- The death penalty isn't the answer to crime woes / Jack Weil -- cost of the death penalty outweighs its benefits to society / Julie Delcour -- death penalty is essential, and its cost is irrelevant / Derek Schmidt -- Death penalty would end punishment of victim's family / Irl Stambaugh, Gary Stambaugh -- death penalty does not fulfill survivors' needs for closure / Susan Bandes, as told to Murder Victims' Families for Human Rights
  • Ch 3. Is the death penalty applied fairly? : The capital punishment system is still racially biased / David A. Love -- Racial bias in the capital punishment system has decreased over time / Charles Lane -- DNA testing reveals serious problems in the capital punishment system / Radley Balko -- DNA testing cannot solve fundamental flaws in the capital punishment system / Juan Roberto Meléndez-Colón -- People with mental illness should be exempt from the death penalty / Susannah Sheffer -- Many people with mental illness should not be exempt from the death penalty / Sam Vaknin
  • Ch 4. Should the death penalty be abolished or reformed? : Death penalty is dead wrong: it's time to outlaw capital punishment in America, completely / Mario M. Cuomo -- The death penalty should not be abolished / Bruce Fein -- Why death-penalty opponents can't win / Jonah Goldberg -- Executions should stop until the capital punishment process is reformed / Michael Hall -- death penalty cannot be reformed and should be abolished / Richard C. Dieter -- Incarceration for life without parole could replace the death penalty / Robert Johnson, Sandra McGunigall-Smith
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