Pedagogical applications and social effects of mobile technology integration

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"This book analyzes possible solutions to the concerns and issues surrounding mobile technology integration into the classroom"--Provided by publisher.

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[edited by] Jared Keengwe, University of North Dakota, USA
  • Hershey, PA : Information Science Reference, [2013]
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  • xx, 355 pages : illustrations ; 29 cm
9781466629851, 1466629851, 9781466629868, 9781466629875

  • Includes bibliographical references and index.

  • Pedagogical frameworks of e-reader technologies in education / Nance Wilson, Vassiliki "Vicky" Zygouris-Coe, Victoria Cardullo, Jennifer L. Fong -- The iPad in the classroom : three implementation cases highlighting pedagogical activities, integration issues, and teacher professional development strategies / Nathaniel Ostashewski, Doug Reid -- iPad integration in an elementary classroom : lesson ideas, successes, and challenges / Jung Won Hur, Amy Anderson -- Aligning iPad applications with evidence-based practices in inclusive and special education / Therese Cumming, Cathi Draper Rodríguez, Iva Strnadová -- Incorporating the game of geocaching in K-12 classrooms and teacher education programs / Jeffrey Hall, Lucy Bush -- Teachers learn how to effectively integrate mobile technology by teaching students using math snacks animations and games / Karen M. Trujillo, Karin Wiburg, Milos Savic, Kerry McKee -- Using technology in a studio approach to learning : results of a five year study of an innovative mobile teaching tool / Dianna L. Newman, Gary Clure, Meghan Morris Deyoe, Kenneth A. Connor -- Videos with mobile technologies : pre-service teacher observations during the first day of school / Marian B. Maxfield, Deanna Romano -- Going 1:1 with laptop computers in an independent, co-educational middle and high school / Natalie B. Milman, Marilyn Hillarious, Vince O'Neill, Bryce Walker -- Professional development with and for emerging technologies : a case study with Asian languages and cultural studies teachers in Australia / Ria Hanewald -- Mobile learning in health professions education : a systematic review / Zarrin Seema Siddiqui, Diana Renee D. Jonas-Dwyer -- Developing a culturally-rich ineractive model for mLearning / Patricia J. Donohue, Martha E. Crosby -- Quality education for children, youth, and adults through mobile learning / Santosh Kumar Mishra -- The changing roles of faculty and students when mobile devices enter the higher education classroom / Teresa Franklin, Yanyan Sun, Nick Yinger, Jeffrey Anderson, Eugene Geist -- Virtual mentors : embracing social media in teacher preparation programs / Marialice B. F. X. Curran, Regina G. Chatel -- Mobile technologies and Web 2.0 : redefining new literacy practices / Peggy Semingson -- Social implications of mobile learning in global learning environments / Thomas Cochrane
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