Leadership classics

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[edited by] J. Timothy McMahon
  • Long Grove, Ill. : Waveland Press, [2010]
  • ©2010
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  • xiv, 586 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
9781577666387, 1577666380

  • Includes bibliographical references.

  • SECTION I THE PROCESS AND ROLES OF LEADERSHIP. The Nature and Tasks of Leadership / John W. Gardner -- Skills of an Effective Administrator / Robert L. Katz -- Managerial Roles / Henry Mintzberg -- Reframing Leadership / Lee G. Bolman and Terrence E. Deal -- What Leaders Really Do / John Kotter -- SECTION II LEADERSHIP TRAITS. Confucius' Values-Based Leadership / Juan Antonio Fernandez -- Personal Factors Associated with Leadership / Ralph M. Stogdill -- Leadership Run Amok / Scott W. Spreier, Mary H. Fontaine, Ruth Malloy -- Managers and Leaders: Are They Different? / Abraham Zaleznik -- Leadership: Do Traits Matter? / Shelley A. Kirkpatrick and Edward. A. Locke -- The Leadership Mystique / Manfred Kets de Vries -- Emotional Intelligence and Leadership / Daniel Goleman -- Narcissist Leaders: The Incredible Pros, the Inevitable Cons / Michael Maccoby -- SECTION III LEADERSHIP BEHAVIOR CONCEPTS. Autocratic vs. Democratic Leadership / Ralph K. White and Ronald Lippitt -- Conceptual Contributions of the Ohio State Leadership Studies / Chester A. Schriesheim and Barbara J. Bird -- Leadership Implications of Personality Development / Chris Argyris -- Leadership and the Nature of Man / Douglas McGregor-- The Managerial Grid / Robert Blake and Jane Mouton -- A Four Factor Theory of Leadership / David G. Bowers and Stanley E. Seashore -- Servant Leadership: Its Origin, Development and Application / Sen Sendjaya and James C. Sarros -- The Leader Member Attribution Process / Mark J. Martinko and William L. Gardner -- A Theory of Charismatic Leadership / Robert J. House -- From Transactional to Transformational Leadership / Bernard M. Bass -- SECTION IV SITUATIONAL APPROACHES TO LEADERSHIP. How to Choose a Leadership Pattern / Robert Tannenbaum and Warren Schmidt -- Contingency Theory of Leadership / Roya Ayman, Martin Chemers, Fred Fiedler -- Life Cycle Theory of Leadership / Paul Hersey and Kenneth H. Blanchard -- 3-D Theory of Managerial Effectiveness / W. J. Reddin -- Path-Goal Theory of Leadership / Robert J. House -- Leadership and Decision-Making / Victor Vroom and Arthur Jago -- Motivation, Leadership and Organization: Do American Theories Apply Abroad? / Geert Hofstede -- SECTION V LEADERSHIP, POWER AND INFLUENCE. Machiavelli and Leadership / Richard P. Calhoon -- Leadership Power Bases / John R. P. French, Jr. and Bertram Raven -- Leadership Role-Making and Leader-Member Exchange / George Graen and James F. Cashman -- Power Acquisition and Retention / Gerald R. Salancik and Jeffrey Pfeffer -- Leadership: The Art of Empowering Others / Jay A. Conger -- Goodbye, Command and Control / Margaret Wheatley -- SECTION VI ENHANCING LEADERSHIP EFFECTIVENESS. Conditions for Effective Leadership / Douglas McGregor -- How Leaders Embed and Transmit Culture / Edgar Schein -- The Deming Leadership Method / Nicholas J. Mauro -- Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership / James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner-- The Discipline of Personal Mastery / Peter Senge -- How I Learned to let my Workers Lead / Ralph Stayer -- Principle-Centered Leadership / Stephen R. Covey -- Leader Behaviors and Organization Performance / Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman -- Managing Oneself / Peter Drucker -- Level 5 Leadership / Jim Collins -- Leadership and Execution / Larry Bossidy and Ram Charan -- Crucibles of Leadership / Warren G. Bennis and Robert J. Thomas -- Try Feedforward Instead of Feedback / Marshall Goldsmith -- Authentic Leadership / Bill George


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