Brownlie's principles of public international law

Brownlie, Ian
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  • "Despite ... changes, the text of the 8th edition is still essentially Brownlie's. But I [Crawford] have not hesitated to modify it where this seemed to be appropriate in the interests of clarity, concision, current priorities, or the need to reflect developments." - p. xviii.
  • Includes tables of treaties and cases.
  • Former editions known as : Principles of public international law / by Ian Brownlie.
  • Includes bibliographical references and index.


  • pt. I. Preliminary topics: Introduction ; The sources of international law ; The relations of international and national law -- pt. II. Personality and recognition: Subjects of international law ; Creation and incidence of statehood ; Recognition of states and governments ; International Organizations -- pt. III. Territorial sovereignty: Forms of governmental authority over territory ; Acquisition and transfer of territorial sovereignty ; Status of territory, further problems -- pt. IV. Law of the sea: the territorial sea and other maritime zones ; Maritime delimitation and associated questions ; Maritime transit and the regime of the high seas -- pt. V. The environment and the natural resources: Common spaces and the co-operation in the use of natural resources ; Legal aspects of the protection of the environment -- pt. VI. International transactions: The law of treaties ; Diplomatic and consular relations ; Unilateral acts, Estoppel ; Succession to rights and duties -- pt. VII. State jurisdiction: Sovereignty of equal states ; Jurisdictional competence ; Privileges and immunities of foreign states -- pt. VIII. Nationality and related concepts: The relations of nationality ; Nationality of corporations and assets -- pt. IX. The law of responsibility: The conditions for international responsibility ; Consequences of an internationally wrongful act ; Multilateral public order and issues of responsibility -- pt. X. The protection of individuals and groups: The international minimum standard, persons and property ; International human rights ; International criminal justice -- pt. XI. Disputes: The claims process ; Third-party settlement of international disputes ; The use of threat of force by states