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090    $aQH588.S83$bS7457 2009
099    $aDVD 0129 2009
245 00 $aStem cells :$blines in the sand /$can MVL Films Production ; Michael W. Van Laanen, writer, director, producer.
246 3_ $aLines in the Sand
264 _1 $aGreen Bay, WI :$bMVL Films Production,$c[2009]
264 _4 $c©2009
300    $a1 videodisc (30 min.) :$bsound, color ;$c4 3/4 in.
336    $atwo-dimensional moving image$btdi$2rdacontent
337    $avideo$bv$2rdamedia
338    $avideodisc$bvd$2rdacarrier
538    $aDVD.
508    $aWriter, director, producer, Michael W. Van Laanen.
520    $aFilmmaker Michael Van Laanen presents an unbiased overview of the American stem cell research debate, including a history of the debate, interviews with the general public, researchers, and those personally affected by the research. Dr. James Thomson, the first researcher to embryonic stem cell lines and professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, weighs in on the debate and dispels misconceptions about the goals, purposes, and methods of stem cell research. Laboratory technicians at fertilization clinics discuss the process of fertilization, shedding light onto controversies surrounding embryonic stem cell research. Interviews with the public highlight the widespread controversy, ranging from the very religious to a mother who donated her embryos to science. Ultimately, Thomson explains that the vast majority of stem cells are used in drug research, providing a human alternative to animal research in safety and efficacy testing.
650 _0 $aStem cells$xResearch$xLaw and legislation$zUnited States.
650 _0 $aStem cells$xResearch$xMoral and ethical aspects$zUnited States.
650 _0 $aEmbryonic stem cells$xResearch$xLaw and legislation$zUnited States.
650 _0 $aEmbryonic stem cells$xResearch$xMoral and ethical aspects$zUnited States.
655 _7 $aDocumentary films.$2lcgft
700 1_ $aVan Laanen, Michael Whitney.
710 1_ $aMVL Films Production.
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