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The Hunger games and philosophy : a critique of pure treason

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  • Examines the key characters, plot lines, and themes of the series while applying the perspectives of Charles Darwin, Thomas Hobbes, and Plato.


  • Includes bibliographical references and index.


  • "The final word on entertainment": mimetic and monstrous art in the Hunger games / Brian McDonald -- "Somewhere between hair ribbons and rainbows": how even the shortest song can change the world / Anne Torkelson -- "I will be your mockingjay": the power and paradox of metaphor in the Hunger games trilogy / Jill Olthouse -- "The odds have not been very dependable of late": morality and luck in the Hunger games trilogy / George A. Dunn -- The joy of watching others suffer: Schadenfreude and the Hunger games / Andrew Shaffer -- "So here I am in his debt again": Katniss, gifts, and invisible strings / Jennifer Culver -- Competition and kindness: the Darwinian world of the Hunger games / Abigail Mann -- "No mutt is good"-really? Creating interspecies chimeras / Jason T. Eberl -- Why Katniss chooses Peeta: looking at love through a stoic lens / Abigail E. Myers -- "She has no idea. The effect she can have.": Katniss and the politics of gender / Jessica Miller -- Sometimes the world is hungry for people who care: Katniss and the feminist care ethic / Lindsey Issow Averill -- Why does Katniss fail at everything she fakes? Being versus seeming to be in the Hunger games trilogy / Dereck Coatney -- Who is Peeta Mellark? The problem of identity in Panem / Nicolas Michaud -- "Safe to do what?": morality and the war of all against all in the arena / Joseph J. Foy -- Starting fires can get you burned: the just-war tradition and the rebellion against the capitol / Louis Melançon -- The tribute's dilemma: the Hunger games and game theory / Andrew Zimmerman Jones -- Discipline and the docile body: regulating hungers in the capitol / Christina Van Dyke -- "All of this is wrong": why one of Rome's greatest thinkers would despise the capitol / Adam Barkman -- Class is in session: power and privilege in Panem / Chad William Timm

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