The attorney-client privilege in civil litigation : protecting and defending confidentiality

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  • Includes bibliographical references and index.


  • An overview of the attorney-client privilege when the client is a corporation / Vincent S. Walkowiak -- The attorney-client privilege : a practical guide for corporate counsel / Michael A. Koerzer, Eileen K. Sorabella -- Perspectives on the attorney-client privilege and the work-product doctrine / Allan Kanner, Tibor Nagy -- Confidentiality and its relationship to the attorney-client privilege / Arthur Garwin -- Preserving candor between lawyers and clients : the hidden danger from "exceptions" to the attorney-client privilege / Kenneth A. Hindman, M. Colston Jones -- Protection of attorney-client privilege and work product in the electronic disclosure era / Laurie A. Weiss -- Communications between attorneys and putative class members / Allan Kanner, Tibor Nagy -- Communications between related corporations and the attorney-client privilege / Oscar Rey Rodriguez, Vincent S. Walkowiak -- Federal courts' application of the work-product doctrine to non-parties / Christina M. Jones, J. Tracey Walker, IV -- Applying the attorney-client privilege to investigations involving attorneys : what is fair game in discovery? / David E. Bland, Scott G. Johnson -- Protecting the attorney-client privilege during an internal investigation / Michael Docketerman -- Contacting employees, former employees, and other witnesses currently or formerly affiliated with the opposing party--conflict between the permissive scope of fact investigation and protection of attorney-client communication / Vincent S. Walkowiak -- Discovery of the non-testifying in-house expert assigned to litigation / Ann Marie Mortimer -- Loss of attorney-client privilege through inadvertent disclosure of privileged documents / Vincent S. Walkowiak, Thomas J. Leach -- Putting attorneys on the witness stand and their advice at issue : the perils of selective waiver of privilege / Alan J. Martin, Demetrios G. Metropoulos, Nicole J. Highland -- The application of the attorney-client privilege and the work-product doctrine to communications between insureds and insurance carriers / Kirk A. Pasich -- Attorney-client privilege and work product immunity in patent litigation/ Michael Edward McCabe, Jr. -- A second look at privilege and confidentiality in the reinsurance arena / John W. Thornton, Jane Thornton Mastrucci, Cynthia Harrison Ruiz -- The joint defense privilege : an illusion or a magic wand? / Jeffrey J. Carlson -- The scope and use of the attorney-client privilege in the United States and its applicability to communications in the United States and abroad / Christopher Scott D'Angelo -- Application of attorney-client privilege and work-product doctrine in insurance coverage litigation / Louis Sey Zimmerman -- Preserving the attorney-client privilege and work-production protections afforded to communications with experts : be careful of what you say and to whom you say it / David E. Bland, Gerardo Alcazar
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