• Diary begun January 1, written daily for the January and February and then stops completely after Feb. 21. The writer is a single, religious, working woman who seems to live with Mr. & Mrs. Thompson ("Elias' mother) and their daughter and her friend, Ellen, in or near Detroit. They appear to be surrogate parents. She mentions a sister, Virginia and a married brother. She writes of her routine of working, church, and outings in town. She attends church and social events with Wilmot Holben, a boyfriend. In the 2 months she writes, she has 8, 13, and 4 teeth pulled. She appears to work at the Hudson Motor Car Co. She does not discuss her work but appears to enjoy it. The brief entries provide some surprising details, including her indignation at a proposal letter from a Mr. Henry Luskin.


  • Book used is The Everyday Diary with thirty-three pages of convenient records and useful information. Calendar for 1935 and 1936 in front and 1937 and 1938 in back.
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