Helke Sander

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  • Includes 16 films by Helke Sander.
  • BeFreier und Befreite: Documents the 1945 mass rape of German women and girls by the advancing Soviet army.
  • Der subjektive Faktor: This story handles the movement to end discrimination against women - and its context, through a semi-autobiographical account of the years between 1967 and 1970 that the director Helke Sander spent in West Berlin.
  • Brecht die Macht der Manipulateure: The film was produced for Finnish television in 67/68. It not only documents but also reflects on the campaign of the German new left against the German publishing house Springer which still publishes the most powerful German right-wing tabloid Bild (think of the Murdoch Press) and which in the heated sixties and seventies tried to instigate public opinion against the student movement.
  • Der Beginn aller Schrecken ist Liebe: The unfortunate Traugot (Lou Castel) suddenly finds himself caught between his former lover Freya (director, Helke Sander) and his new love Irmtraut (Rebecca Pauly), both women are good friends-- or were.
  • Die allseitig reduzierte Persönlichkeit, redupers: A free-lance photojournalist struggles to realize herself as an artist and as a woman straddling multiple worlds- work, womanhood, motherhood, East, West, capitalism and socialism.
  • Mitten im Malestream: Sander uses a wide range of old documentary material, often recorded by filmmakers, journalists or media avant-gardists on early electronic equipment to present a documentary touching on the core question of the women's movement in Germany: the politics of motherhood, men's perception of themselves as fathers, the legalization of abortion, women's silent "child-bearing strike', and the political struggle between the women's movement and the Christian churches. A discussion on these issues held in Berlin, Fall 2004, was used as a framework for the film.
  • Hannelore Mabry, ein porträt: Film clips of interviews, both old and new, of women's rights activist, sociologist, actress and critic of the church, Hannelore Mabry.
  • Muttertier, Muttermensch: Does being a woman automatically make one a mother? What does it mean to be born female? This television documentary addresses the views of today's women concerning the maternal role.
  • Dorf: This documentary examines the German village of Kortenbeck, exploring the impact of history and the social atmosphere, as well as the changes taking place due to globalization.
  • Nr. 1. Aus Berichten der Wach- und Patrouillendienste: Based on a true event, a young mother with her two small children climb onto an arm of a building crane. The mother threatens to jump unless affordable housing is found for her by the evening.
  • Nr. 5. Aus Berichten der Wach- und Patrouillendienste: A man prevents a rape of a woman, then rapes the victim himself. A third party comes to the aid of the woman. Another woman observes these events from a distance and calls the police who end up arresting the wrong man. Based on a true event.
  • Nr. 8. Aus Berichten der Wach- und Patrouillendienste: A customer in a china shop repeatedly demands a simple piece of information from the store clerk. Based on a true event.
  • Subjektitüde: This short is shot from the differing persepctives of three people waiting for the bus. Sander's first film.
  • Silvo: Documentary showing the daily routine of Sander's seven year old son, Silvo.
  • Völlerei? Füttern!: Part of the episodic film, Seven women, seven sins, this is a different take on the Adam and Eve story. Eve does eat the apple and her curiosity makes her human. Her generous gesture of offering people things turns into a compulsion to feed others.
  • Prämie für Irene: The domestic and working life of Irene, a single mother with two children, is depicted in a somewhat comic strip style.


  • Title from container.
  • Five videodisc collection in one fold-out container with accompanying booklet (German and English) together in box.
  • Some content information taken from booklet.
  • DVD; stereo. and mono.; aspect ratios vary.
  • In German with optional English subtitles.


  • DVD #1. BeFreier und Befreite 1 (1991/92) (90 min.) ; BeFreier und Befreite 2 = Liberators take liberties, pt. 1-2 (1991/92) (102 min.) -- DVD #2. Der subjektive Faktor = The subjective factor (1981) (138 min.) ; Brecht die Macht der Manipulateure = Break the power of the manipulators (1967/68) (49 min.) -- DVD #3. Der Beginn aller Schrecken ist Liebe = The trouble with love (1983) (112 min.) ; Die allseitig reduzierte Persönlichkeit, redupers = The allround reduced personality, redupers (1977) (95 min.) -- DVD #4. Mitten im Malestream = In the midst of the malestream (2005) (92 min.) ; Hannelore Mabry, ein porträt = Hannelore Mabry, a portrait (2005) (32 min.) ; Muttertier, Muttermensch = Mother beast, mother human (1998) (63 min.) -- DVD #5. Dorf = Village (2001) (90 min.) ; Aus Berichten der Wach- und Patrouillendienste Nr. 1 = From the reports of security guards & patrol services Nr. 1 (1984) (11 min.) ; Aus Berichten der Wach- und Patrouillendienste Nr. 5 = From the reports of security guards & patrol services Nr. 5 (1986) (10 min.) ; Aus Berichten der Wach- und Patrouillendienste Nr. 8 = From the reports of security guards & patrol services Nr. 8 (1986) (6 min.) ; Subjektitüde = Subjectitude (1966) (4 min., 20 sec.) ; Silvo = Silvo (1967) (11 min.) ; Völlerei?-Füttern! = Gluttony?-Feeling! (1986) (13 min.) ; Eine Prämie für Irene = A bonus for Irene (1971) (50 min.)
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