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Advances in intelligent data analysis IX : 9th international symposium, IDA 2010, Tucson, AZ, USA, May 19-21, 2010 ; proceedings

International Symposium on Intelligent Data Analysis (9th : May 19-21, 2010 : Tucson, AZ) Save to your list


  • International Symposium on Intelligent Data Analysis (9th : May 19-21, 2010 : Tucson, AZ)

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  • International conference proceedings.
  • Description based on print version record.
  • Includes bibliographical references and index.


  • Changing the focus of the IDA symposium / Niall M. Adams, Paul R. Cohen, and Michael R. Berthold -- Invited papers. Graph identification (extended abstract) / Lise Getoor -- Intelligent data analysis of intelligent systems / David C. Krakauer, Jessica C. Flack, Simon Dedeo, Doyne Farmer, and Daniel Rockmore -- Selected contributions. Measurement and dynamical analysis of computer performance data / Zachary Alexander, Todd Mytkowicz, Amer Diwan, and Elizabeth Bradley -- Recursive sequence mining to discover named entity relations / Peggy Cellier, Thierry Charnois, Marc Plantevit, and Bruno Crémilleux -- Integration and dissemination of citizen reported and seismically derived earthquake information via social network technologies / Michelle Guy, Paul Earle, Chris Ostrum, Kenny Gruchalla, and Scott Horvath -- Detecting leukaemia (AML) blood cells using cellular automata and heuristic search / Waidah Ismail, Rosline Hassan, and Stephen Swift -- Oracle coached decision trees and lists / Ulf Johansson, Cecilia Sönströd, and Tuve Löfström -- Statistical modelling for data from experiments with short hairpin RNAs / Frank Klawonn, Torsten Wustefeld, and Lars Zender -- InfraWatch : data management of large systems for monitoring infrastructural performance / Arno Knobble, Hendrik Blockeel, Arne Koopman, Toon Calders, Bas Obladen, Carlos Bosma, Hessel Galenkamp, Eddy Koenders, and Joost Kok -- Deterministic finite automata in the detection of EEG spikes and seizures / Rory A. Lewis, Doron Shmueli, and Andrew M. White -- Bipartite graphs for monitoring clusters transitions / Marcia Oliveira and João Gama -- Data mining for modeling chiller systems in data centers / Debprakash Patnaik, Manish Marwah, Retnesh K. Sharma, and Naren Ramakrishnan -- The applications of artificial neural networks in the identification of quantitative structure-activity relationships for chemotherapeutic drug carcinogenicity / Alexander C. Priest, Alexander J. Williamson, and Hugh M. Cartwright -- Image approach towards document mining in neuroscientific publications / Jayaprakash Rajasekharan, Ulrike Scharfenberger, Nicolau Gonçalves, and Ricardo Vigário -- Similarity kernels for nearest neighbor-based outlier detection / Ruben Ramirez-Padron, David Foregger, Julie Manuel, Michael Georgiopoulos, and Boris Mederos -- End-to-end support for dating paleolandforms / Laura Rassbach, Ken Anderson, Liz Bradley, Chris Zweck, and Marek Zreda -- Spatial variable importance assessment for yield prediction in precision agriculture / Georg Russ and Alexander Brenning -- Selecting the links in BisoNets generated from document collections / Marc Segond and Christian Borgelt -- Novelty detection in projected spaces for structural health monitoring / Janne Toivola, Miguel A. Prada, and Jaakko Hollmén -- A framework for path-oriented network simplification / Hannu Toivonen, Sébastien Mahler, and Fang Zhou -- A data-driven paradigm to understand multimodal communication in human-human and human-robot interaction / Chen Yu, Thomas G. Smith, Shohei Hidaka, Matthias Scheutz, and Linda B. Smith -- Using CAPTCHAs to index cultural artifacts / Qiang Zhu and Eamonn Keogh

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