Involvement in the educational system among Hmong parents

Xiong, Khou, author

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  • The Hmong immigrated to the United States about 30 years ago from their homeland Laos after the defeat of the Vietnam War in 1975. They have been faced with many struggles as the Hmong try to settle into a culture so different and demanding as compared to their homeland. It has been a difficult journey for many Hmong as they try to assimilate to the American culture while holding onto the customs and traditions they all believe in. The Hmong are still faced with many difficulties and barriers after all these years. However, they value education very much as they believe that education is the way to be successful in America. Although most Hmong value education and understand the importance of it, they have a difficult time being involved in the educational system and their child's education. This is due to many barriers that they are faced with: language barriers, their own lack of education, poverty, teacher perceptions, and cultural differences. The purpose of this critical analysis of research is to examine the different barriers that Hmong families and parents are faced with that impose as a hindrance on involvement in their child's education. It examines language barriers, education level, poverty, and cultural differences. Furthermore, it looks at teacher perceptions which also act as barriers for parent involvement. Finally, this critical analysis of research will give recommendations for future research after analyzing current research available. It will also give recommendations for educators as they work with Hmong parents and families to try to bridge the cultural gap that exists.


  • School Counseling Program.
  • Previous program name (supplied by cataloger): Guidance and Counseling Program.
  • Thesis advisor: Barbara Flom, Ph.D.
  • PlanB (M.S.) University of Wisconsin--Stout 2009.
  • Includes bibliographical references.
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