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Organization of insect societies : from genome to sociocomplexity

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  • Includes bibliographical references and index.


  • The evolution of social insect mating systems / Jacobus J. Boomsma, Daniel J.C. Kronauer, and Jes S. Pedersen -- The evolution of queen numbers in ants : from one to many and back / Jürgen Heinze and Susanne Foitzik -- Aging of social insects / Olav Rueppell -- The ecological setting of social evolution : the demography of ant populations / Blaine J. Cole -- Control of termite caste differentiation / Colin S. Brent -- Termites : an alternative road to eusociality and the importance of group benefits in social insects / Judith Korb -- The evolution of communal behavior in bees and wasps : an alternative to eusociality / William T. Wcislo and Simon M. Tierney -- Cue diversity and social recognition / Michael D. Breed and Robert Buchwald -- Adaptations in the olfactory system of social Hymenoptera / Christoph J. Kleineidam and Wolfgang Rössler -- Fertility signaling as a general mechanism of regulating reproductive division of labor in ants / Christian Peeters and Jürgen Liebig -- Vibrational signals in social wasps : a role in caste determination? / Robert L. Jeanne -- Convergent evolution of food recruitment mechanisms in bees and wasps / James C. Nieh -- The organization of social foraging in ants : energetics and communication / Flavio Roces -- Behavioral genetics in social insects / Jürgen Gadau and Greg J. Hunt -- Sensory thresholds, learning, and the division of foraging labor in the honey bee / Ricarda Scheiner and Joachim Erber -- Social life from solitary regulatory networks : a paradigm for insect sociality / Robert E. Page Jr., Timothy A. Linksvayer, and Gro V. Amdam -- Social brains and behavior--past and present / Wulfila Gronenberg and Andre J. Riveros -- Plasticity in the circadian clock and the temporal organization of insect societies / Guy Bloch -- The dawn of a golden age in mathematical insect sociobiology / Nigel R. Franks ... [et al.] -- Positive feedback, convergent collective patterns, and social transitions in arthropods / Raphaël Jeanson and Jean-Louis Deneubourg -- Division of labor in the context of complexity / Jennifer Fewell, Shana K. Schmidt, and Thomas Taylor -- Insect societies as models for collective decision making / Stephen C. Pratt -- From social behavior to molecules : models and modules in the middle / Andrew B. Barron and Gene E. Robinson -- Social insects as models in epidemiology : establishing the foundation for an interdisciplinary approach to disease and sociality / Nina H. Fefferman and James F.A. Traniello -- Social insects and the individuality thesis : cohesion and the colony as a selectable individual / Andrew Hamilton, Nathan R. Smith, and Matthew H. Haber -- Social insects, evo-devo, and the novelty problem : the advantage of "natural experiments" sensu Boveri / Manfred Laubichler and Jürgen Gadau

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