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Handbook of agricultural geophysics

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  • Includes bibliographical references and index.


  • General considerations for geophysical methods applied to agriculture / Barry J. Allred, M. Reza Ehsani, and Jeffrey J. Daniels -- Past, present, and future trends of soil electrical conductivity measurement using geophysical methods / Dennis L. Corwin -- History of ground-penetrating radar applications in agriculture / M.E. Collins -- Theoretical insight on the measurement of soil electrical conductivity / Dennis L. Corwin, Scott M. Lesch, and Hamid J. Farahani -- Resistivity methods / Barry J. Allred, Douglas Groom, M. Reza Ehsani, and Jeffrey J. Daniels -- Electromagnetic induction methods / Jeffrey J. Daniels, Mark Vendl, M. Reza Ehsani, and Barry J. Allred -- Ground-penetrating radar methods (GPR) / Jeffrey J. Daniels, M. Reza Ehsani, and Barry J. Allred -- Magnetometry, self-potential, and seismic : additional geophysical methods having potentially significant future use in agriculture / Barry J. Allred, Michael Rogers, M. Reza Ehsani, and Jeffrey J. Daniels -- Integration of global positioning systems (GPS) into agricultural geophysics / Dorota A. Grejner-Brzezinska -- Integration of geographic information systems (GISs) with agricultural geophysics / Carolyn J. Merry

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