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LEADER02852cgm a2200469Ia 4500
001 9971693983602122
005 20180324085844.0
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008 050322s2001 nyu062 vljpn d
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035    $a(WU)7169398-uwmadisondb
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040    $aFGM$beng$cFGM$dOCLCQ
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090    $aPN1998.3.O34$bV57 2001
245 02 $aA visit to Ogawa Productions /$cJapanese Cultural Design Council.
246 30 $aOgawa Productions
246 1_ $iTitle in Japanese:$aOgawa puro homonki
264 _1 $aBrooklyn, NY :$bFirst Run/Icarus Films,$c[2001]
300    $a1 videocassette (62 min.) :$bsound, color ;$c1/2 in.
336    $atwo-dimensional moving image$btdi$2rdacontent
337    $avideo$bv$2rdamedia
338    $avideocassette$bvf$2rdacarrier
538    $aVHS.
508    $aDirector/producer, Oshige Junichiro ; producer, Yasui Yoshio ; photography, Hotta Yasuhiro.
500    $a"This 1981 film was finalized in 2001."
520    $aFeatures fellow Japanese 'New Wave' director Nagisa Oshima, who traveled to the Yamagata countryside to visit the Ogawa Productions collective during the filming of "A Japanese Village, Furuyashikimura", a feature-length documentary chronicling the seasonal cycle of rice growing. Shows the two filmmakers engaged in a wide-ranging discussion that offers a rare insight into Ogawa's social and cinematic philosophy. Ogawa Productions' approach to documentary filmmaking is that of self-styled "film nomads" who live and work for extended periods of time in various regions of the country-focusing in particular on their current production, which involves an intimate interaction over a period of several years with local farmers, weather conditions, the environment, and aspects of village life. As the film reveals, Ogawa Productions' in-depth portraits of Japanese society, whether of protest movements or traditional agricultural life, grew out of an unusual commitment to integrate themselves with the communities they filmed, to the extent that their filmmaking literally became an alternative lifestyle.
546    $aIn Japanese with English subtitles.
600 10 $aOgawa, Shinsuke,$d1936-1992$vInterviews.
610 20 $aOgawa Productions (Firm)$xHistory.
650 _0 $aMotion picture producers and directors$zJapan$vInterviews.
651 _0 $aJapan$xSocial life and customs.
655 _7 $aDocumentary films$xProduction and direction$zJapan.$2lcgft
655 _7 $aDocumentary films$zJapan$xHistory and criticism.$2lcgft
700 1_ $aOgawa, Shinsuke,$d1936-1992.
700 1_ $aŌshima, Nagisa,$d1932-2013.
700 1_ $aOshige, Junichiro.
700 1_ $aYasui, Yoshio,$d1948-
710 2_ $aJapanese Cultural Design Council.
710 2_ $aFirst Run/Icarus Films.
994    $aC0$bGZM
997    $aMARCIVE


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