Financial support to fisheries : implications for sustainable development

Cox, Anthony

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  • OECD governments pay out around 6 billion USD a year to support the fisheries sector. Some of this expenditure is provided to help ensure the effective management of fisheries through the provision of research, administrative and enforcement services. However, its effects on economic profitability and resource sustainability are open to debate. Such support has often been linked to over-fishing and over-capitalization, and its reform may lead to improved economic, environmental and social outcomes. This report analyzes the impacts of such transfers from a sustainable development perspective by addressing the economic, environmental and social dimensions of financial transfers. Through this focus, this study aims to deepen policymakers' understanding of the complex issues at play in the fisheries sector, a sector that is characterized by ongoing concerns regarding economic profitability, community resilience, and resource sustainability.--Publisher summary.


  • "Anthony Cox of the OECD Fisheries Division was the primary author of the report, assisted by Carl-Christian Schmidt"--P. 4.
  • Includes bibliographical references and index.
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  • pt. 1. Government financial transfers from a sustainable development perspective. Government financial transfers to fisheries in OECD countries -- A sustainable development framework for assessing the effects of government financial transfers -- Analysis of specific government financial transfer categories -- Key policy insights -- Analysing the pillars of sustainable development in fisheries. The economic effects of transfers to the fisheries sector -- The environmental effects of transfers to the fisheries sector -- Social impacts of government financial support to fisheries -- Social capital and fisheries subsidy reform -- pt. 3. Country case studies . Canada's response to the 2003 cod fishery closure -- Analysis of the fishery agreement between the Seychelles and the European Union -- Fisheries subsidies in Norway -- Analysis of subsidies to decommissioning vessels and license retirement in Australia
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