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Compensation for victims of terrorism

Shapo, Marshall S., 1936- Save to your list

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  • Includes bibliographical references and index.

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  • Ch. 1. A jurisprudence of injury -- Ch. 2. Environments of injuries -- Ch. 3. Potential tort liabilities for terrorist acts : culpability and standards of conduct -- Ch. 4. Liability territory beyond culpability : duty, proof and damages -- Ch. 5. A framework of social responses to injury and the risk of injury -- Ch. 6. The fund : a specialized jurisprudence of injury -- Ch. 7. Comment, criticism, and comparisons from around the social compass -- Ch. 8. Assessing the fund : the perspective of history and the parallel remedy of tort -- Ch. 9. Assessing the fund : comparisons extended along the spectra of compensation and subsidy -- Ch. 10. A review of policy and current history

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